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The Ferrari sheikh bought Bahia and promises many joys to the tricolor

Get ready to witness a new dawn of glory for Esporte Clube Bahia! With contagious energy, tycoon Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan takes the reins of the club, bringing with him a whirlwind of opportunities and promises of success. With an enviable fortune estimated at R$126 billion, Mansour is a legendary figure, best known for his high-profile investments, including a 5% stake in the iconic Ferrari!

This exciting move is part of an ambitious strategy by the City Group, led by Mansour, to open new horizons on the global football scene. Over the next 15 years, an impressive investment of at least R$1 billion is scheduled to propel Bahia to new heights, with a first investment of R$320 million in 2024. It is a true injection of energy to increase the club’s competitiveness both nationally and internationally!

And the best of all? Despite this exciting new chapter, the essence of Bahia remains intact. Guilherme Belintani continues as president, bringing his passion and dedication, while Carlos Santoro, with his vast experience at Grupo City, takes over as sporting director, promising to guide the club with wisdom and strategic vision. Raul Aguirre, the new CEO, completes this leadership trio with his determination and expertise.

By joining the renowned City Group network, which already embraces football giants such as Manchester City and New York City, Bahia opens the doors to a world of exciting opportunities. By sharing resources and knowledge with other clubs in the group, we are preparing for a successful journey that will benefit not only the club, but also its passionate fans.

And we can’t forget Mansour’s legendary lifestyle, which reflects his passion for excellence and luxury. Owner of a breathtaking superyacht and investor in visionary projects, he brings with him a spirit of innovation and greatness that will certainly leave his mark on Bahia.

So, Bahia, get ready to take off towards new achievements and to write together a glorious chapter in the history of football!

Source: Atrevida

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