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Eloy Casagrande talks about swapping Sepultura for Slipknot

The drummer Eloy Casagrande explained why he decided to change the Serious for the Sliding knot in an interview with Veja SP.

“I received the invitation to audition after the tour was announced. The most important thing, the reason why I accepted the audition, was the end of Sepultura. The band was about to break up and I didn’t want to stop playing the battery at 33 years.”he has declared.

“There was a chat with Slipknot, I asked their schedule, if it was possible to merge the two bands, but they said no, there would be no way, I would be exclusive. So it was my decision, because of the end of Sepultura. It was complicated, I informed them when I reached the agreement, on February 5 or 6. That day I called a meeting and explained the situation. explained.

“It was a huge learning experience. It took many years, three studio albums. Live albums. A lot of composing. A lot of time we traveled together. I look back with great affection and a lot of admiration. As well as a feeling of great gratitude, for all these years, because they, in that period, welcomed a twenty-year-old drummer, giving a great responsibility to a child”, finished.

It is worth mentioning that Eloy Casagrande debuted live on Slipknot on April 25th.


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