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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Wednesday 15 May 2024 Episode 1686 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for tomorrow night’s episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, airing on TF1! If you’d rather not know, don’t read.

Wednesday 15 May Tomorrow belongs to us…

The police have a leader

After feeling sick again from the toxin, Manon was taken to the hospital. His condition is now stable. The results of his analyzes were sent to the police department. Damien informs Karim of the situation: at lunch on Friday, while he was already in the hospital, Manon ate a dish with a mushroom sauce that supposedly contained a toxin. Karim speculates that if the dish had been served to other patients, other cases could have been reported. Aurore is starting research in this direction.

In turn, William comforts his daughter: she no longer has toxins in her blood and will be able to leave soon. At the same time, Timothy goes to check on his friend.

Meanwhile, Mariana tells Rodolphe Malbec that his wife has died. He explains that by the time he was treated, the inflammation was already too extensive and despite efforts, nothing could be done to save him. According to Mariana, this is not anyone’s fault. But for Malbec, the fault lies with the nursing staff, who were careless. He leaves the place in anger.

In a wheelchair, Manon goes down the hall to say goodbye to her uncle. He meets Nordin guarding the door to his room, refusing to let him in because of the procedure. Furious, Manon leaves. When Nordin tries to help her, it makes her even more angry. The young man does not understand how he can be so indifferent to her after what they have been through. Manon replies that they are no longer together because of him.

At the police station, Karim sends Aurora the hospital report on the Friday lunch service: no trace of the toxin except on Manon’s plate. So he was the target. The police then try to find out why.

The investigation was stopped in the evening. Neither Avore nor Karim could find anyone who disliked Manon. Still, Damien suggests that someone could have been indirectly affected by the car accident caused by Manon and Victor’s car crash. In reports that day, Damien found that a roadblock was preventing the man from getting to the hospital quickly while his wife was sick. He was so angry that he almost burst out.

Meanwhile, Aurora questions the nurse who served Manon’s lunch on Friday afternoon. She states that Rodolphe Malbec, whose wife died that morning, was in her daughter’s room when she came to bring her food. The latter allegedly had the wrong room before leaving. Aurora immediately calls Karim to warn him. Damien writes Rodolphe Malbec’s name in his program. Thanks to his personal information, the police are able to conclude that this is the man whose police blockade prevented him from quickly transporting his wife. So he has a motive against Manon.

In the hospital parking lot, with a gun in his hand, Malbec looks at his wife’s photos on his phone and plans revenge…

Maud falls in love with Diego again

While Diego is at the spoon with Chloe, Maude arrives to greet them and takes the opportunity to congratulate the latter on her nursing competition. In turn, the ankle is fully restored. Diego then suggests that they run one of his four together. Modi is completely disturbed.

Later, Modi tells Camille that Diego offered to play sports with her. But he doesn’t know if he’s just nice to her or if he’s interested in her. Camille encourages her sister not to worry: at best they go out together and at worst they’re friends.

In high school, Modi tells Diego that he wants to play sports with him. However, it specifies that it accepts without any ambiguity. Out of embarrassment, the young girl hugs his hand, and then leaves.

Back home, Maud confides in Camille: in a panic, she felt obliged to explain to Diego that there was no uncertainty, when in fact she still loved him. Camille makes him see the positive in the situation: they will be able to spend time together.

Meanwhile, Rafael visits Chloe to congratulate her on winning the competition.

Victoire is throwing a party

At the villa, Victoire warns Lisa and Aaron that she plans to throw a party to sell the champagne bouquets the patient gave her as a thank you. The Victoire especially invited Charles to meet the people. Aaron is not very enthusiastic. In fact, the day before, he found Lisa dining with him at Spoon.

Meanwhile, Rafael surprises Soraya, who is sleeping at his desk. A young woman admits that she did not sleep all night. Raphael thinks it’s because he’s taken advantage of Gabriel, but it’s actually because of the upstairs neighbor.

At the end of the day, Soraya picks up the jacket that she forgot in the victoire. He arranges everything with Lisa for the evening. They insist that Soraya stay.

A few hours later, the evening was in full swing in the villa. Soraya warms to Charles before calling Gabriel, who wonders where he is. On the phone, Victoria invites a young man to join them. Charles, meanwhile, is talking to Aaron. He reassures her about his intentions for Lisa and admits that he’s not ready to move on after his breakup with Jessica.

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