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Ludmilla and Ivete Sangalo announce the cancellation of their tours

Fans of singers Ivete Sangalo and Ludmilla were surprised this Wednesday (15th) with the announcement of the cancellation of the artists’ current tourswhich were made by the manufacturer 30e.

Ivete Sangalowho was celebrating his 30 years of career with the trip The partyreported that the memorial concert series was cancelled: “Honoring the transparency and responsibility that distinguish his career, Ivete Sangalo and his office have chosen to cancel the “A Festa” tour. The decision, although painful, proved necessary following the realization that the producer responsible for the realization of the shows would not have been able to guarantee the necessary conditions for the artist’s presentations to take place as they were conceived, with the excellence and safety promised and agreed upon”, the statement began.

“The main motivation for the creation of the “A Festa” tour was the singer’s desire to share in style the celebration of her 30-year career with audiences from every corner of the country, strengthening the bond and commitment she has built over the years three decades with its fans But carrying out a project of this magnitude requires the mobilization of a complex structure, which would only be vital if there was an adequate level of planning and organisation, which would guarantee, with the necessary notice, all the services conditions promised, foreseen and agreed in the contract”has continued.

Through your team, Sangalo he left his thanks to his fans: “Ivete Sangalo feels the affection of her fans and is very grateful for it. And she hopes to be able to perform soon in these cities that have always welcomed her with so much affection.”

Already Ludmillaexplained in an official statement that the Tour in the house is canceled and the “The decision was made due to the failure of the producer responsible for the tour to comply with the conditions established in the pre-contract for the feasibility of the shows planned months ago. As a result, this tour is made impossible.”

“I have always been very concerned about bringing great experiences to my audience. This is what I have done these past few years. I am sad about the cancellation of the tour because it was created with the aim of celebrating 10 years of my career with a birth worthy of what my fans deserve, I hope to be able to perform as soon as possible in the various cities announced and I want to reciprocate, in the best possible way, all the affection you have given me during all this time.”He says Ludmilla.

Source: Terra

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