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For Eric Burton, from Black Pumas, being in Brazil is like being at ‘home away from home’

Duo formed by the musician and Adrian Quesada returns to the country to play at C6 Fest, where they promise to perform with the best of both albums

The last passage of Black Pumas — duo formed by Eric Burton It is Adrian Quesada — in Brazil left great impressions. And the feeling wasn’t just from the public. The musicians return to Brazil in 2024 to perform at C6 Festwhich takes place this weekend in São Paulo.

In conversation with the Rolling Stone Brazil, Burton says returning to Brazil is “lovely”. “I appreciate the culture and we are always made very welcome. It’s good to be back, like being home away from home.” The musicians were in the country in 2022 for a performance at another festival in São Paulo. The musician reveals that he loves Brazilian music and a large part of the connection with his fans comes from there.

He also says that during his stay in Chile, before coming to Brazil, many people asked if he was Brazilian. “I feel very connected with the Brazilian fans,” he says. Burton He is a samba fan.

I was a big fan of Ronaldinho, as a child, and when I watched his best moments playing, there were always beautiful sambas playing. I hope I can visit some record stores.

Despite his passion for the Brazilian genre, the musician is more familiar with samba players from older generations and knows little about what is currently being done in Brazilian music. He says, however, that he intends to keep an eye on it and is always open to people who want to collaborate.

He also says that he loves the connection he has with the public when he performs here. “Brazil has the most beautiful people in the world, whenever we are here and can interact with people it is inspiring.”

AdrianBurton’s partner, revealed some time ago that the musician composed a song in Portuguese, but it ended up being left out of the duo’s most recent album, Chronicles of a Diamond (2023). Eric says that he didn’t review the material that didn’t make it onto the album, but he hopes that the song sees the light of day one day – he is considering including the track in a deluxe version. “It’s a samba that I was really excited about. Maybe it’s one of the songs I like the most.”

The song, as well as the musician’s other compositions come from his “passion for life.” He says he loves living and “loves nature and connecting with people.” Of these connections, one of the most notable is with Quesada, friend and band partner. For Ericworking with a friend makes them communicate “even if without words.”

For Saturday, when they perform at Ibirapuera, the band promises a setlist that mixes tracks from their most recent work and the self-titled album released by them in 2019. “We’re excited to bring a bigger catalog,” says the musician. When they first came, the duo hadn’t yet released Chronicles. Now, back in the country, the band comes with more songs and more passion than ever.

Source: Rollingstone

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