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Duda Beat turns the album into a dance tour: “the time to take risks is now”

In an interview with Rolling Stone Brasil, the singer explained how she took even more control of her own music in ‘Tara & Tal’ and what to expect from the tour that starts this Thursday (16)

Duda Beat I wanted to give the audience time to learn their lyrics. It was a month between the release of Tara & Talthe third album by the singer from Pernambuco, and the release of Tara & Tournew show, which she presents this Thursday night (16) at Espaço Unimed, in São Paulo. More than a strategy, it is Duda’s maturity, which she sought to convey both on the album and on the tour.

“On the last tour we had a lot of things happening at the same time on stage. Tara & Tour is a new show where light is the protagonist. I think things are maturing”, said the singer in an interview with Rolling Stone Brazil.

“It’s going to be a show where I’m going to bring a lot of songs from I love you outside It’s from I am really sorry. All the songs from the new album, which was something that didn’t happen at the last show, right? I took some songs from I love you outside that didn’t fit much. So we’re going to bring all the songs from this new album to this show and I’m very happy, I think the crowd is going to see a super show, with a beginning, middle and end, with a story being told.”

And the story that Duda tells here is about preparing for a night of dancing: “it’s an album that will accompany the person from the moment they’re changing clothes to go out until the moment they return home. That was my wish, yes. , to accompany that person all night.” According to Duda, the atmosphere of the album “reflects a very pleasant moment in my life in Recife, when I went out, I went to the electronic tents on the beaches of Pernambuco.”

The evolution, says the singer, constitutes a change towards the “pop suffering”, for which she became known: “this will be an album to dance to – there will still be 30% suffering, but I want to play” .

With a firm hand

Duda guarantees that assertiveness is part of her working method – she is the owner of the project, who makes the final point in creative decisions, not only for this album, but also for previous ones, I love you outside (2022) and I am really sorry(2018) – both of them, like Tara & Talproduced alongside Lucas It is Thomas Troy:

“I’m also the producer together with them, because I’m there all the time. Sometimes I deliver the song, lyrics, melody and harmony. I say how I want the song, ‘I want it like this, I want to dance like this, I think this music has to be like that’. So that’s it, I always share things with them and they help me, after all I’m the customer, in a way. [risos], the majority shareholder in this situation. We do it three ways, but in the end it’s me who decides, what I want, how I want it, how long…”

Tara & Tal it also marks a different chapter for Duda Beat – it is the singer’s first album that is not distributed independently. In November 2023, she signed with Universal Music Brasil. The partnership, he guarantees, did not in any way affect the creative process of the third album, which was already ready at the time of the contract with the company. But it was, on the other hand, an important step towards where she wants to go with her work:

“For me it was an important step. I feel like I reached a ceiling. With the record label I feel like I’m going to break out of that ceiling a little, I’m going to reach places that, on my own, maybe I wouldn’t be able to. For example, maybe an international feat that I have a lot of If you want, they can help me.”

Still, the singer makes a point of reinforcing the importance that starting her career as an independent artist had for her: “Everyone comes to me and says: ‘Ah, I want to launch a career’. I respond: ‘start independently ‘. It was the best thing I did in my life, because I managed to understand how it works, how much I’m worth, how much I earn, how much I spend, how much I invest as an independent, I went to my limit and it was wonderful. take another step.”

Time to take risks

Owner of a solid ascending career, Duda is preparing, with today’s show, the first live chapter of what she herself determines as a new phase in her career. And she says she navigates well the insecurities that the moment brings: “I think I’ll have insecurities my whole life,” she says.

“Insecurities in the sense of the new, you know, of launching the new. Because I’m an artist who likes to dare, to take risks. I also keep convincing myself that people will understand. If they don’t understand either, I already have the show guaranteed, that people like it, so it’s okay too. The time to take a risk is now.”

A guaranteed show, of course, but one that doesn’t abandon Duda’s need to dare, take risks and subvert. The difference now lies in the experience of a singer who, in just six years, jumped from a regional talent to one of the country’s best-known pop acts.

“I know myself, so I will always bring a different business, a new business, otherwise I’ll get bored. Because when I emerged, and after I emerged, I wasn’t labeled as the ‘new something’. I was always Duda Beat, who opened the shelf of pop suffering, alternative pop, whatever. So that’s very powerful, there’s no comparison. And that’s what makes me me.”

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Date – May 16th
Gates opening – 8pm
Show starts – 10pm
Rua Tagipuru, 795 – Barra Funda – São Paulo – SP

Source: Rollingstone

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