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Electronic music: Jo Mistinguett creates a tropical ode to the rhythm of industrial machines

The producer and DJ from Curitiba launches her fourth work and promotes a debate on music production made by women

The electronic music scene made by women is doing very well! Tata Ogan, Eli Iwasa, Leandra Lambert, Bad Sista, Malka, Mari Rossi, Carol Mattos, Cashu, Elle are some names. Jo Mistinguett is the powerful name arriving on the scene. She comes from Curitiba and releases the EP TECHNO MUNDO, a continuation of Apocalypse Now, her third work.


Musician, music producer and sound designer, Jo releases her fourth EP on all digital platforms. “It is the continuity of aesthetics, it is a development, an improvement in my research. TECHNO MUNDO is the technological industry, it is the rhythm of machines in the tropical heat. The world here is Brazil, where dance comes in tears in the eternal awakening of the phoenix, inspiring the dancing, visceral and noisy TECHNO MUNDO,” says the artist. “It’s a narrative continuation because it’s about my life and my current stage in life. I think it’s more optimistic, not in the sense of hope, but in the sense of adaptation. The other concerned the pandemic itself and the political phase of the country,” she adds.

Produced in Brazil and with the technologies available here, TECHNO MUNDO mixes musical genres, renews and challenges boundaries, extrapolating aesthetic-sonic limits. He uses electronic and digital equipment, spoken and melodic voices, broken rhythms, retro sounds, synthesizers, noises, organic instruments, improvisations and effects. The work includes research developed by the artist over 20 years through his experience as a DJ in underground clubs in Brazil and other countries and producing his own music. “TECHNO MUNDO is entirely created and recorded in my home studio. Basically it’s just me tinkering with the machines, with the equipment that I’ve managed to acquire in these almost 20 years of working with electronic music. I don’t have an academic or theoretical musical basis, I create through improvisation and experimentation.”

“I have always thought about multilingualism. Thinking about sounds, images, light, movement and objects is something that is part of all my compositions. I think of songs as soundscapes, tracing emotions and sensations. Colorful and geographical sound layers. I tell stories and invent narratives,” she explains. To this end, Mistinguett invited Strangepeo to develop 3D graphic art: “3D art connects new discussions about artificial intelligence and technology. And it also talks about how Latin American bodies relate to each other in 2024.”

The EP features the artist’s musical creation and production, mastering by recording engineer Florencia Saravia, and executive production by Helen Kaliski. After the launch of TECHNO MUNDO, Jo proposes as part of the project the online chat on ”Dissident Musical Production”, with the mediation of Leandra Lambert, the participation of Florencia Saravia-Akamine and Marina Vello aka Marina Gasolina, and – “ Music electronica Resistes”, documentary on the independent electronic music production chain and the production of the EP TECHNO MUNDO, with free and universal access and subtitles.

Source: Terra

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