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Yasmin Brunet without a cigarette makes memes and entertains the web

Soon after everyone went to the house, BBB 24 for ‘Tá com Nada’, Yasmin Brunet ran out of cigarettes. Very uncomfortable, the sister asked for the object for production, but was unsuccessful. So, social networks created memes and remembered when the model tried to put her brothers on a limited diet. Now, she is suffering from the effects of widespread punishment.


This Thursday morning (7), the summary of the BBB 24 arrives with the details of another party. However, the highlight was not the celebration of the Leader Lucas Henrique, but rather with a generalized punishment. Close to the penalty limit, the brothers committed some infractions and all went to ‘Tá com Nada’. The decision came to light during the event in the outdoor area.

The punishment that resulted in everyone going to ‘Tá com Nada’ came from Fernanda. The sister entered the house with drinks from the party, which is not allowed. Thus, she lost 50 stakes and even complicated the lives of her playing companions. Now, they will have to deal with a simple diet, which includes rice, beans and guava paste. On the social networks, Cute commented on the decision of the BBB 24.

They were very close to reaching Tá com Nada and it happened. Now it’s time to get ready and prepare because there’s a long test tomorrow. Now, rice, beans and guava paste guaranteed. Let’s see how the crowd will react. That Big is up there. Oh how I miss Tá Com Nada! It had been a while since this happened and this time it was just a flaw, nothing serious! Will this pressure cooker explode?“, he said.

Source: Atrevida

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