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Danna Paola excites Brazilian fans during the show in Sao Paulo

The Mexican star Danna Paola thrilled her Brazilian fans who were present this Sunday evening (19th) at Joia Cinema In St. Paul where she paraded her greatest hits dressed in a striking look inspired by The flag of Brazil.

In the repertoire, Danawho gained worldwide notoriety after his role as Lucretia about the Series Elite from the Netflixsang the hitss Sodium, Amanecer, Blackout AND Bad Fame.

During his performance in the capital of Sao Paulo, Damn Paola he received a personalized flag where his image was printed with his soap opera character Maria Belémshown in 2001.

About Danna Paola’s new album Childstar

Childstarthe new album by Dana, is a musical journey that tells the story of a weekend of celebration, excess and love. The album is based on the pop fantasy of being a superstar, brilliant on the outside but dull on the inside. Looking at the floor from the top floor of a hotel Las Vegasundecided between leaping into the void or continuing to live.

How many things can happen on a holiday weekend? The first stage of the party: a Friday of lack of control that gradually leads you to the abyss caused by excess. The ecstasy of celebration, the anxiety of heartbreak, of rebirth, of loving again, of healing, every sensation that enters your body told in a story that takes place between Friday and Sunday, and repeats every week . It is summed up in a moment of perdition where Dana he finds his darkest self and within that darkness he finds his light: the stars shine brightest in the darkness.

Before Brazil, a splendid performance by the artist in Mexico

Dana moved more than 50,000 fans during their performance at the festival Tecate Pa’l Norteheld in April in the Mexican city of Monterrey. During his captivating performance and just 10 days before the release of his highly anticipated album ChildstarDanna debuted her upcoming single Atari, as well as wowing her fans by revealing the tracklist full version of his new album.

Marking the debut of their new tour DANNA L¡VEthe performance took his fans on a journey through his repertoire, singing hits such as Mala Fama, Oye Pablo, Un Trago, XT4S1S, Sodio and many more, proving once again his versatility and talent on stage. With energetic choreography, vibrant visuals and dynamic sets, the singer continues to prove herself as one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Latin America.

The highlight of the show came when the talent Aitana he joined her on stage to perform AQYNEfurther enchanting audiences with their combined chemistry and talent.

Danna’s seductive side in the official video of the song ATARI

Dana reveals her most seductive side in the music video of ATARI, lead single In CHILDSTAR. Against the backdrop of an abandoned arena, the new audiovisual production tells the dynamics of attraction in an irresistibly passionate relationship.

Directed by Edgar Estevez and produced by Rabbit housethe video starts with Dana taking a mysterious potion that takes over her, showing love as a powerful elixir that consumes her. Throughout the video, Danna is transported to another dimension, embodying empowerment and sensuality through mesmerizing choreography that demonstrates her mastery as a multifaceted artist.

The audiovisual recording was recorded on the Mexico City.

Since its launch, CHILDSTAR it had a huge global impact, reaching #1 on the Apple Music Mexico Albums chart and #5 on the chart Spotify’s top debut albums globally and ninth place The best debut albums in the United States. It has also received praise from vehicles such as Grammy Awards today AND United States todaywith the iconic magazine Variety greeting Childstar With your “most complex project so far”.

Dana continues to redefine his identity and elevate his career, positioning himself as a driving force in Latin pop and the music industry. Like the concert series DANNA L¡VE unfolds, Danna is underway, ready to bring her electrifying energy to audiences throughout 2024, cultivating the intense connection she shares with her devoted fan base, performing shows that elicit ecstasy and leave viewers


Who is Danna Paola?

Danna Paola Rivera Munguiathe real name behind it Damn Paolais a mexican actress, singer, model and songwriter born in June 23, 1995who began his career in children’s soap operas and gained international recognition for his role as Lucrezia “Lu” Montesinos about the Series Elitefrom the Netflix.

In addition to her acting career, Damn Paola has a successful musical trajectory. She was discovered by the record company Universal music and released his first studio album, Mi Globo Azulin 2001 and over the years, she released numerous albums and singles, solidifying her position as one of the most influential Latin pop artists of her generation.

Damn Paola she is also known for her vocal prowess, having been billed by broadway as a “Latin Pride” for his incredible range and vocal ability. She remains active in music and acting, contributing to pop culture in both ways Mexico as well as internationally.

Source: Terra

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