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How much does it cost to eat at Michelin-starred restaurants in Sao Paulo?

The long-awaited Michelin Star restaurant list for 2024 is finally out! In a mega event held on Monday evening, the 20th, at the Copacabana Palace, 15 restaurants received one or two stars.

Of these, 10 are new arrivals and are located in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

How much does it cost to eat at Michelin-starred restaurants in Sao Paulo? Check it out below!



The house has been awarded two stars, which means that the cuisine is exceptional and worth a detour in your visit itinerary. Led by chef Ivan Ralston, the restaurant, located in the Jardim Paulistano, features a sophisticated menu with a 10-course tasting menu for R$890 during the Ventania season.

The Dry Season menu, also in 10 stages, costs R$990. Prices do not include drinks and services, which are paid separately.

Address: Rua Frei Galvão, 135 – Jardim Paulistano

Reservations via place. Information: (11) 91899-0002 or [email protected]


The restaurant appears in the Michelin Guide for the first time and offers a menu with Italian and Brazilian inspirations. “Tracing parallels and connections between tradition and contemporaneity, between Brazil and Italy”.

The tasting menu costs R$ 719. If the customer wants to include ossetra caviar, the price increases by another R$ 177. With the inclusion of the a5 wagyu beef tasting it increases by R$ 187.

For those who do not want to give up on harmonizing their meal, the prices are R$ 519 (Stone Harmonization) and R$ 897 (Magn Harmonization).

Address: R. Joaquim Antunes, 108 – Pinheiros

Reservations: (11) 3062-1160


Chef Alex Atala’s historic restaurant remains in the Michelin Guide. At home he presents an original menu, “exposing his audacity and the experiments resulting from his research with Brazilian ingredients”.

The tasting menu is served in 12 courses, includes seafood, meat and fish, depending on the freshest ingredients of the day and costs R$690 per person.

Address: Rua Barão de Capanema, 549 – Jardins – Sao Paulo

Reservations via place.


Osteria della Fama

Chef Marco Renzetti’s home debuted in the Micheli Guide in 2024. The restaurant opened in 2022 in a hidden space offering unique gastronomic experiences. Italian cuisine is the flagship of the house. According to information from Estadão, in an article published in November 2023, the tasting menu costs R$640 and is served in 11 portions.

There are also two pairing options, one with 6 glasses (light) worth R$390 per person and another larger one, with 11 glasses worth R$590 per person.

Address: Rua Oscar Freire, 216 – Jardins

Reservations: (11) 99364-4442


The Japanese restaurant offers a tasting menu with options including brioche with wagyu tartare and macadamia nuts, oyster with ponzu and a “wonderful variety” of sushi.

Omakase Gaman costs R$480 and includes 5 dishes, 10 sushi and dessert. Omakase sushi costs the same price with 2 dishes, 15 sushi and dessert.

The restaurant also has a separate menu with appetizers and dishes.

Address: Avenida Jandira 677

Reservations via place.

Jun Sakamoto

The renowned chef creates elaborate dishes using unique ingredients in a very elegant and discreet Japanese restaurant, without a sign at the entrance.

“The proposal, which if you have the chance, we recommend you discover by sitting at the sushi bar, is centered on two Omakase tasting menus, one created by Jun Sakamoto himself and the other by his right-hand man, chef Ryuzo Nishimura”, highlights the text of the Michelin Guide.

The menu prepared by chef Jun Sakamoto costs R$600. With chef Ryuzo Nishimura it costs R$550 and the special menu served at the table costs R$500.

All have 20 steps with appetizer, 16 various sushi, 2 dishes and dessert

Address: R. Lisbon, 55 – Pinheiros

Reservations: (11) 3088-6019


Another novelty, the restaurant follows oriental traditions and techniques and is managed by chef Kazuo Harada, son of a Japanese father and Brazilian mother, who inherited his passion for the world of gastronomy from his grandfather who owned an oriental restaurant in Liberdade, a traditional Japanese neighborhood of St. Paul.

The surprise tasting menu costs R$450 per person. The Omakase tasting menu costs R$550.

Address: Rua Prudente Correia 432 – Jardim Europa

Reservations: (11) 96640-7596 or [email protected]


Featuring dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine, the restaurant is led by executive chef Gerard Barberan in collaboration with sushi chef Henry Miyano and offers a 16-course menu.

According to information from Veja SP magazine, the tasting menu starts at R$451

Address: Rua Padre João Manuel, 712 – Cerqueira César

Reservations: (11) 9125-5090

Sushi Oizumi

Chef Danilo Maciel opened the restaurant in 2020 with the aim of offering signature cuisine, curated daily, selecting the freshest ingredients and respecting the seasonality of nature.

The menu options are the 12-stroke Oizumi experience, consisting of cured fish, seafood and desserts, and the 16-stroke experience, which includes delicacies, as well as a selection of cured fish, seafood and desserts. During lunch you can also enjoy the executive menu.

The menu starts at R$389.

Address: Rua Califonia, 785, Brooklyn, Sao Paulo-SP

Reservations via place


For the first time in the Michelin Guide, considered the “Bible of gastronomy”, the restaurant offers traditional Japanese dishes and modern dishes in its signature cuisine, led by chef Tsuyoshi Murakami.

The menu features the Murakami Experience (R$530 per person): 8-shot Omakase, with cold and hot dishes. Served with Giaveri or Murakami caviar from Treviso, Italy.

The Sushi Experience (R$ 930) in 12 rounds of sushi (niguiri) prepared one by one, 2 rolls, tempura and a hot dish. Served with Giaveri or Murakami caviar from Treviso, Italy.

Address: Alameda Lorena, 1186, Jardins.

Reservations: (11) 3064-8868

WhatsApp: (11) 97103-1186

Tanager Jean-Georges

The debut restaurant, with lounge at Palácio Tangará, serves a six-stroke menu that costs R$770 per person. Dishes include: spiced sea bass, grilled rack of lamb, grilled wagyu fillet with crispy potatoes and caramelized onions and more.

The restaurant also offers an à la carte menu.

Address: R. Dep. Laércio Corte, 1501 – Panamby

Reservations: (11) 4904-4072

Kan Suke

Located in a shopping arcade near Paulista Avenue, the Japanese restaurant stands out for its sushi, prepared at the counter and with different fish options: tuna, eel, sea urchin, sardines and more.

According to an article published in Estadão, in November last year, there are two types of tasting menu on the menu, one with only cold dishes, which costs R$450, and another that includes hot dishes, which costs R$480.

Address: R. Manuel da Nóbrega, 76 – Paraíso

Reservations: (11) 3266-3819


The restaurant has maintained the distinctive characteristics of the previous edition. The Japanese follows the kappo technique, with a varied menu in a modern and elegant setting.

The restaurant offers a menu with variable prices: the Omakasê lunch, at 5 Tempos, includes Otoshi, carpaccio, fry (vegetable tempura), teppan or sushi/sashimi and fruit for dessert. It is available from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. The 6-stroke Omakasê lunch costs R$155.81 with Otoshi, appetizer, sushi selection, sashimi selection, main course and dessert.

The Omakasê menu, from 8 Tempos, costs R$512.81 and is prepared following the Chef’s suggestions. The menu paired with Krug Rosé has a much more “savory” value and costs R$ 4,343.81, served in eight courses.

There are also other menu options, a la carte dishes, a sake and wine list.

Address: Rua Jaques Félix, 405 – Vila Nova Conceição

Reservations at place.


Also a veteran of the Michelin Guide, the restaurant managed by Helena Rizzo and Willem Vendeven serves original, organic and contemporary Brazilian cuisine.

The tasting menu with starter, main course and dessert costs R$280 or R$320 if you choose the anchovy.

The menu prepared by Helena Rizzo and Willem Vandeven costs R$680. The classic pairing costs R$550.

Address: Rua Joaquim Antunes, 210, Jardim Paulistano

Reservations: [email protected] or (11) 97473-8994.


The Italian restaurant managed to keep its star for another year. Managed by Pier Paolo Picchi, it serves dishes that awaken in customers fond memories of Sunday lunch with the family.

The Tasting Menu includes three options: Tutto Pasta (R$ 427), Tradition (R$ 583) and Picchi (R$ 932). Furthermore, the restaurant also has an à la carte menu.

Address: R. Oscar Freire, 533 – Jardins

Reservations: (11) 3065-5560

Eight Brazilian restaurants are in the top 50 of the best in Latin America;  I wait
Eight Brazilian restaurants are in the top 50 of the best in Latin America; I wait

Source: Terra

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