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Stranger Things’ Joe Keery says Taylor Swift is a fan of his music

As a singer, Joe Keery was very successful with the song ‘End of Beginning,’ featured on his second album, titled Decide

Not only as an actor in films and series as Stranger Things, Free Guy – Taking Control (2021) and Spree: Travel without Limits (2020), Joe Keery also works as a singer, under the pseudonym Djoand even caught the attention of Taylor Swiftwho is a fan of a specific hit.

The song in question is “End of Beginning,” present on his second studio album, titled Decide (2022). It is worth highlighting other songs from Keeryas “Chateau (Feel Alright),” “Roddy” It is “Change.”

During an interview with The Spout Podcastthe artist spoke about the day he was caught while leaving the recording studio Electric Lady, in New York, at the same time as Swift. Because of this, some fans speculated how the duo could collaborate on the song.

In the conversation, Joe Keery ruled out any hope of joining forces for a new song, but revealed how Taylor Swift I really like his work. “I happened to be there the day she was there. And she’s really cool,” he said. “I mean, I’ve met her a few times.”

Before anything happened with this song, she said, ‘Hey, I really love this track of yours,’End Of Beginning.’

“She just said she heard the song and obviously I was like, ‘What? Did you hear that song? How the hell did you hear that song?'” he continued. “She’s like a music lover, actually. She is also very tuned in to new music and things that come out. So, it’s not shocking to me because she’s a huge music fan and just digs around and finds things.”

Somehow it got to her table, she heard it and said she liked it. Very, very nice of her.

Source: Rollingstone

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