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The House committee presents a motion to repudiate Madonna’s concert in Rio

The repudiation by the deputies was also extended to Anitta, Pabllo Vittar, Claudio Castro and Eduardo Paes

The Social Security, Social Assistance, Childhood, Adolescence and Family Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (22/5) a motion to repudiate the concert by the singer Madonna, which took place on May 4th on Copacabana beach, in Rio, in the month of January.

The initiative was an action of Bolsonaro’s deputies: Chris Tonietto (PL-RJ), Cristiane Lopes (União-RO), Clarissa Tércio (PP-PE), Dr. Allan Garcês (PP-MA) and Julia Zanatta ( PL-SC).

The text repudiates, in addition to Madonna herself, the singers Anitta and Pabllo Vittar, who made special appearances during the show, the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro (PL), and the mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD).

In their justification, the Bolsonaristas stated that the presentation of The Celebration Tour promoted “the defamation of the faith of the majority of the Brazilian population and the harmful content presented, with a strong erotic bias.”

“In her performance, the aforementioned singer used symbols and elements of satanic rites, in clear mockery of the Christian religion, the majority throughout the country. Furthermore, the erotic and pornographic inspiration of her choreographies – which simulated real and sexual positions own orgies on stage -, in addition to making them inappropriate for the younger audience of the show – which was broadcast on national television, followed by millions of Brazilians of all ages, including children -, seriously offends the moral principles of the majority of Brazilians population, and also the minimum standards of decency necessary for harmonious social coexistence”, we read in the text.

Interestingly, the show’s sponsor, Banco Itaú, did not deserve repudiation from Bolsonaro supporters.

Very busy in drafting the note, the Social Security, Social Assistance, Childhood, Adolescence and Family Commission of the Chamber of Deputies has not yet released statements, projects or proposals regarding children, adolescents and families affected by the Rio Grande do Sul floods , which hypothetically should be a priority during a tragedy of national impact.

Source: Terra

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