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Silva presents himself as a romantic singer in the most difficult album of his career: ‘Enferrujado’

Silva presents himself as a romantic singer in the most difficult album of his career: ‘Enferrujado’

The musician spoke to ‘Estadão’ about ‘Encantado’, his sixth studio album, featuring collaborations with Arthur Verocai, Marcos Valle and Leci Brandão

Silva reaches his sixth studio album, Charmed, like someone introducing themselves for the first time. “Delighted, Silva,” she jokes.

The album, released on the 23rd, arrives four years after the last album, Five. It’s no exaggeration to say—of Silva or any of us—that everything has changed since 2020. Four years and many emotions later, the musician has had to recalculate his path.

“We already had several commitments scheduled during that pandemic. This postponement, for me, for my life, put me to the test,” he says. When life finally returned to normal, the singer had other commitments to fulfill, including several dates for his carnival project, the Silva’s block. “OR Five There was no tour. He was very strange to me as a musician,” he recalls.

Therefore, Charmed serves as a rite of passage: the project marks the artist’s return to his original work and exhibitions, his reopening to the world. “I missed it, man, where are my things?”, says the musician. “I really wanted to create and started to find my process again.”

And like any rite of passage, it was painful. “I think it was probably the hardest album I’ve made so far,” she reveals. “I was really rusty.”

According to him, the first step was to understand himself as a romantic singer – thanks to his brother and musical collaborator, Luca Silva. “He said, ‘Have you ever stopped to think that you’re a romantic singer?’ I thought he was making fun of me,” he jokes. “I had a vision of romantic singing in a very cheesy, melodramatic way. So am I, right? I’m a Cancer.”

Legend has it that Silva’s guitar teacher, after hearing one of his songs, said he was a fan of Silva Los Hermanos it was more like it Fabio Jr. Neither one nor the other: the way Silva was supposed to be.

“You can sing about love in different ways, right? You can sing ‘I love you’ about love, you can also sing about the lack of love. The theme is still there,” he reflects.

Charmed visit loves and dislikes over 16 songs, including samba, MPB, indie rock and even a little funk. It’s not just a romantic album, but a statement of Silva’s musical passions: it is Arthur Verocai, Leci Brandão AND Marco Valle among collaborators.

And he underlines that the participation was heartfelt. “This time I didn’t use any business tactics. I don’t see any problem with that. There are people who do it very well, not everyone,” she jokes. “But I wanted to use my intuition. I wanted to think creatively, to… business be part of creation.”

For himVerocai “he’s a genius”. “A genius indeed. The post of conductor is not a very popular post, is it? But Verocai is one of the greatest, one of the most important men in Brazilian music. And we have already praised the masters more. By Tom Jobim there’s a lot of talk, but we’ve already had time to get people talking more.”

The master was only one contact away: it was councilor Luisi Valadão who built the bridge. “She said, ‘I’ll send him music, but he just does what he likes. If he likes it, he’ll get in touch,'” he says. “It’s something I’ve never been afraid of. That famous thing: ‘No, I already have it’. If it were from that period, I’d ask Frank Sinatra too.”

Sinatra wasn’t there, but he was there Leci Brandãothat appears in the song Tomorrow morning (for Lecy). It’s almost a matter of fate: Lecy, with a Y, is both the name of the samba singer’s mother and Silva’s grandmother, “a Christian woman, from a traditional evangelical background,” he says. To honor both, the musician incorporated Christian music melodies into a samba – and brought Leci with him.

On the track Glass of water, Marco Valle – “another genius” – brings his own swing and freshness. “He IS the kindest person in the world,” Silva says. “If you want to make a list later, in State: ‘The coolest artists in the world’, has to be Marcos Valle. Because he’s the right one good boy Today he is 80 years old and younger than me, with that surfer hair,” he jokes.

Graduated in violin at Fames (Faculty of Music of Espírito Santo), Silva is above all an eternal student, passionate about music. In the interview you mention classical and contemporary musicians, from Verocai to Ravel. For him it is necessary to embrace idols while there is time.

“This record [Encantado] is dedicated to João Donato“, he reveals. The two collaborated on the song Who said, from the previous album, and they had other plans: “He sent me WhatsApp, ‘So, when are we going to make more music?’. I also looked at an apartment in Urca, where he lived in Rio, to make at least an EP, we made about five songs together but there was no time,” he laments.

“I want to learn a lot while [meus ídolos] I am here. There are people I’ve lost: Gal Costa, I recorded with her, I performed with her. The people you admire the most, we sometimes take for granted in life. And after her death, everyone wants to pay homage to him.”

Between collaborating with his idols and having time to create at home, the musician sees his position today as an immense privilege. “I took the supermarket [da música]. My first album was recorded in my room, literally. With the worst acoustics in the world. I would literally go into the closet and record my voice,” he recalls. For him, imagining having so many tools, resources and connections was unimaginable.

“So I’m very grateful for a lot of things that have happened,” he says. “But I started cleaning up everything that didn’t have to do with my work. Now I take better care of myself. It’s difficult, there’s a lot of rush, a lot of rush and we have to be able to have time to create. it’s creation only when you have empty space, breathe.”

With a break, the musician still resides (“hidden”, he says) in Vitória, Espírito Santo, where he created Charmed. The album is sunny, but it’s bittersweet: it ends with the sentence “life is sad, but it doesn’t have to be”repeated a few times.

“We’re not just happy. We learn to deal with melancholy and I think that’s beautiful. I’m a Radiohead fan,” he jokes. For him this is the place of music. “A pianist I love, Martha Argerich, says that only music can take us to this place of abstraction. There is such a wide range between sad and happy.”

“Life is sad, it’s a fact. We know that it is and will continue to be. Maybe we are not sad, but then comes the tragedy of Rio Grande do Sul, the war that never ends…”, he reflects. “It’s something to struggle with, understanding that sadness comes and goes.”

Silva (and his new album) tries to smile in the face of the harshness of life, a very post-pandemic feeling. “Life is sad, but it doesn’t have to be,” she points out. “Let’s do what we can. Without giving recipes, because I don’t know how to give recipes. I think we have to want to live. It’s good to want to live.”

Source: Terra

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