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The Brazilian who was exposed to the Netflix reality show announces EP

The Brazilian who was exposed to the Netflix reality show announces EP

Exploring a love story, Yohan releases the title track from his first EP on all music apps at 9pm May 30th

(Photo YOHAN: disclosure)

YOHAN had a rocky time on a Netflix reality show, “Round 6: The Challenge,” which generated controversy due to claims of manipulation and more, however, it wasn’t just that. The singer had a relationship that lasted 7 months, which also generated some scars and songs. “Flowers” is another chapter of this story. The launch is scheduled for May 30, at 9pm.

The first EP of the trilogy received this name and not for nothing. Seeks to explore in “Flowers,” a love story with a beginning, middle and end, as well as in the next two volumes. The track that gives the project its name is inspired by “Flowers”, the biggest hit of 2023, sung by the powerful voice of Miley Cyrus.

The artist said that, after the reality show, he was in a state of exhaustion and disappointment. She stayed in Europe and discovered the song’s inspiration:

“It all started with my participation in the Netflix reality show. We suffered mental, physical and emotional abuse. Fraud, manipulation and lies. I was devastated. As soon as they let us go I decided to stay in Europe for a month, that’s when I met this person who I fell madly in love with. I was vulnerable, I felt like a failure and to top it off, I was alone in that devastating moment. It was February 2023 and this relationship only ended in September,” he revealed.


The new song, despite being the last release of this volume, represents the beginning of his story with the person he had a relationship with, thus closing a cycle and telling the whole story, through a special concept:

“We started by releasing ‘Round 6’, ‘Amor Quebrado’ and finally ‘Flores’, thus completing the first love story told in reverse. The process of creating these new songs occurred after the end of this extremely toxic relationship in I was living. In other words, I couldn’t release the songs in the same sequence as a love story, I was already living the end!”, explained YOHAN.

Inspiration from Miley

YOHAN says he listened to “Flowers” ​​repeatedly, as it was the theme of this relationship, but he changed the lyrics because he was so in love. The artist said that, for example, when Miley Cyrus said that she “could buy you some flowers” in the song’s original lyrics, she replaced the lines with: “I want to buy you some flowers.” Ultimately, the original text worked as an omen:

“Flores” isn’t just a “sweet love” song, it’s, in a way, a direct reference to Miley’s. In the end, the original lyrics always made sense, even if I sang with passion. It makes this counterpoint and that’s why she also won the title of the first EP about this love story, “underlined the singer.

The creation of his new EP is in collaboration with Tai Veroto AND Dekocomposer of Maneuver. And she also had the help of Zaynmanufacturer of MC Zaac AND Anita.

“I sent three to eight minute audios, crying and recounting each chapter of the Hell I experienced in real time in that relationship. The ideas for each song came from these stories and these outbursts. They were with me in the worst moments of the my life. Me in Los Angeles and them in Brazil, while we were writing, Zain produced the new songs and sent them back to me and I recorded them in Hollywood.”, he concluded.

Complete the love story

YOHAN brings back an intense part of his life in “Round 6”, the song that started this first project, after participating in the reality show. She revealed that it was a big manipulation and pointed out that it was not the million dollar prize at stake, but rather cards marked for certain players.

As for “Amor Quebrado,” YOHAN sought to bring out the toxicity and abuse he experienced in a toxic relationship. It is no coincidence that the clip tells all this by quoting Shibari, a Japanese art form that uses ropes and which represents, specifically in this case, the desire to get out of there, but, at the same time, something that stops you and pull you towards that place. The technique used was created with the help of DaMottaa reference from Sao Paulo, with whom he has already worked Alice Caymmi. Additionally, many other moments portray this relationship.

Source: Terra

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