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Gal Costa: the heirs surprised by the singer’s debt;  understand

Gal Costa: the heirs surprised by the singer’s debt; understand

The singer owes R$39,418.92 to a construction company

Since the death of Gal Costain November 2022, Gabriele Costa AND Wilma PetrilloThe singer’s son and widow are fighting a court battle to gain access to the singer’s inheritance.

A new chapter has just been added to the story. The singer left a large debt outstanding with a company and, to date, no family member has paid off the debt. The information was confirmed by Gal Costa’s heir Estadao.

The artist hired a company for a work worth R$76,000, with payment made in two installments. The first has been paid off, but the second, due in the month of his death, is still active. Currently, the debt amount is R$39,418.92.

In June 2023, the construction company turned to court, after contact attempts and an out-of-court notification sent to the singer’s estate, according to the newspaper The day. After a justice agent went to Gal Costa’s old address, where Wilma Petrillo, his ex-partner, lives, and was unable to find answers as to who is the representative of the inheritance, the company sued the legitimate heir by the artist, Gabriel.

Luci Vieira Nunes, lawyer for Gal’s son, said the executor, who has the legal obligation to defend the estate in all legal proceedings, is Wilma.

“Gabriel Costa’s lawyers, Luci Vieira Nunes and Mariana de Athayde, asked the Court to remove Ms. Wilma Petrillo from the status of inventor because she has not correctly and effectively carried out this role, which includes, among other obligations, the payment of debts (as this reform case demonstrates), safeguard assets and protect the legacy left by Gabriel’s mother. Therefore, the Court requested that Gabriel become the executor of the estate left by his mother,” the statement reads. .

OR Estadao I tried to contact Wilma Petrillo, but I received no response. The space remains open.

*Intern under the supervision of Charlise de Morais

Source: Terra

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