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How Ms. Marvel’s Knight Aramis was “one step ahead” when it came to backstabbing the red dagger dagger

Warning: SPOILER for the Mrs. Wonder The “Seeing Red” episode is yet to come!

Kamala Khan from Iman Vellani came to Karachi, Pakistan with her mother hoping to find out more about the strange things that have been happening in her life lately. What she didn’t expect was to meet the Red Daggers, an organization dedicated to protecting humanity from underground. While Bollywood actor Farhad Akhtar played the leader of the Red Daggers, Kamala spent more time with Aramis Knight’s Kareem, who hails from the pages of Marvel Comics. Kareem didn’t miss an opportunity to be rude Mrs. Wonder in the episode “Seeing Red” and Knight spoke to Gossipify about how he had an “edge” when it came to approaching the role.

You may recognize Aramis Knight in projects such as Ender’s game This is in the badlands, the last of whom saw his character, MK, often wield a sword. Unsurprisingly, with a name like Red Dagger, Knight’s Kareem specializes in using smaller types of blades, so during my interview with the actor I asked him what it was like to learn how to use daggers correctly during his time in Mrs. Wonder. replied the knight

Oh, I loved it.Thanks to Bryan Cartago, amazing trainer, amazing stuntman. He had my five years of Wushu experience, so when I entered I knew I was a little ahead. But I also knew that Kareem’s fighting style was a little different than MK’s. Kareem is much more calculating, he is much more agile, he also uses parkour, so he learns from parkour. Much of this has been the posture work, which he talks about Wushu. And then he also figured out how to throw shit and make it fresh, [that] It was something else that hadn’t been developed. I think overall we really developed Kareem’s skills based on the things I’m really good at which is hand-to-hand combat and a lot of ground work, pirouettes, kicks. Jiu-Jitsu. So I think Kareem was very inspired by what Aramis can do, which I think is really cool.

Aramis Knight has years of martial arts experience behind him, so it’s not like he’s stepping into Kareem’s role as a rookie. Yes, there are differences between Kareem’s fighting style and MK’s, but between his Wushu experience and training that fits his existing skills, Knight definitely had an edge in nailing his intense shooting scenes. fighting in Mrs. Wonder. And he walked through the door with those moves, when Kareem ambushed Kamala Khan at the Karachi station, initially thinking she was part of the subway. However, after clearing things up, Kareem took Kamala back to Red Dagger’s headquarters (fully practical attire) to meet Waleed of Farhad Akhtar, leader of the Red Daggers.

Kareem pulled out his trusty daggers later in “Seeing Red” when the subway attacked Red Dagger’s headquarters, and the fight quickly spread to the streets of Karachi and turned into a destructive car chase. Shortly after the melee resumed, Waleed was killed by Najma, clandestine leader , leaving Kareem and Kamala Khan alone. The episode ended on a strange note when Najma accidentally stabbed Kamala’s bracelet, which led the teenager to the aforementioned train station, alone in 1947, at half-score. It remains to be seen exactly how Kamala will find her way out of this situation, but we can assume that she and Kareem will reunite before episode 5 ends.

new episodes of Mrs. Wonder drops Wednesday for Disney + subscribers. Be sure to check out our guide detailing upcoming Marvel movies, including wonderswhere Iman Vellani will play Kamala Khan again and will be released on July 26, 2023.

Source: Cinemablend

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