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Fan sues Madonna for ‘exposing viewers to pornography’

Fan sues Madonna for ‘exposing viewers to pornography’

A fan of Madonna is suing the singer and Alive nation for having been”wrong” for your Celebration World Tour.

According to People magazine, Justen Lipeles filed a class action lawsuit in California against the singer last Thursday (30).

It is alleged that Madonna and Live Nation failed to inform fans that the singer’s scheduled shows at four California venues would not begin on time.”as promised“, and would have to wait until after 10pm for the shows to start.

Another complaint was the “hot and uncomfortable temperature“during her performances, and the use of playback, like Madonna”it would largely be lip syncing“.

The lawsuit also claims that spectators were “forced to watch topless women“simulation”sexual acts“on stage during Madonna concerts,”subject them to pornography without warning“.

Source: Terra

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