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Singer Taylor Momsen is bitten by a bat during a rock concert

Singer Taylor Momsen is bitten by a bat during a rock concert

The Pretty Reckless frontman was bitten by a bat during AC/DC’s opening act and now needs to get a rabies vaccination


Taylor Momsen, former “Gossip Girl” and lead singer of the rock band The Pretty Reckless, was bitten by a bat during a performance in Seville, Spain, while opening for AC/DC’s Power Up tour.

Momsen revealed the incident in an Instagram post, where she described how the bat flew towards her and attached itself to her leg during the song “Witches Burn.” “I was introducing myself at the time and had no idea until the incredible audience started screaming and pointing,” Momsen wrote.

Reaction on stage

In the video shared, Momsen remained calm and even joked about the situation. “I really must be a witch,” she told the audience. “Everything is fine and the bat is fine too. She will become my new friend.”

Medical treatment

Although initially undisturbed, Momsen now has to undergo two weeks of treatment with the rabies vaccine. “He was cute, but yeah he bit me…so rabies shots in the next couple weeks,” the rocker explained in the post’s caption. He also thanked hospital staff who nicknamed her Batgirl after seeing the story on the local news.

Pretty Reckless are touring with AC/DC across Europe until August.

Source: Terra

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