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Why did Brian May never like Queen and David Bowie’s collaboration on “Under Pressure”?

Why did Brian May never like Queen and David Bowie’s collaboration on “Under Pressure”?

The founder of the British band blamed Bowie for removing the guitar parts from the song

Under pressure It was a very successful song for Queen AND David Bowiebut the guitarist of the British band, Brian May, was never completely satisfied with the result of the recording.

In an interview with Total guitarThe Queen founder reflected on the 1981 duet and said Bowie had removed some of his guitar parts from the final version.

“I was so happy because I liked The Who. I remember telling David that. [Bowie]’Ah, it sounds like The Who, doesn’t it?’ He says, ‘Yeah, but it won’t sound like The Who when I’m done with this!'” May recalled.

The band member described the collaboration as “very difficult” as each musician came with “different ideas of what the mix should be.”

“So basically it was Freddie [Mercury] and David arguing in the studio about the mix. And what happened in the mix was that most of that heavy guitar was lost,” he explained.

Even knowing how connected the public was Under pressureMay admitted: “I never really liked the way it was mixed, to be honest. But I recognize that it works. It’s a point of view, and it’s very well done. And people love it.”

Under pressure proved to be an influential classic: the song was covered by artists including My Chemical Romance and Shawn Mendes, and was controversially sampled in the hit Ice, ice, babyby Vanilla Ice, from 1990.

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