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Tomorrow Belongs To Us: What’s in store for Thursday 4th July 2024 Episode 1720 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow Belongs To Us: What’s in store for Thursday 4th July 2024 Episode 1720 [SPOILERS]


Thursday 4th July Tomorrow belongs to us…

Is Melody Bastien’s mother?

After Melody is arrested for the double murder of John Kovak and Clarice Belinsky, Georges returns home, where he tells his mother about the situation. However, Mona suspects that Melody is the killer, even if she has secrets. She also strangely believes that George didn’t realize she was cheating with John, even though they were together all the time. That is why the slave encourages his son to fight for the truth.

Meanwhile, Audrey asks Damien to help her get a guest room so she can talk to Melody. Damien, who believes he is guilty, does not understand his wife’s motives. But he insists. So Audrey goes to the detention center and comes face to face with her friend. She urges him to fight and reveal the truth. But Melody worries about the consequences if she starts talking. Audrey then gives her an ultimatum: either Melody talks or she does…

At the police station, George confides in Roxanne that he suspects Melody of the crime. Indeed, the police have nothing to believe except circumstantial evidence, and Melody did not confess to anything during the interrogation. He thinks a detail was missed during the investigation. Roxanne agrees to help him delve deeper into Melody and John’s relationship.

In turn, Bastien goes to Violet. Called to the police station in the morning, the young man learned that Melody was arrested for the murder of her father, with whom she allegedly had an affair. Bastien finds this strange as he has never seen them together. Lost and sad, he still hopes that she will stay in prison for the rest of her life. Violetta supports her friend and holds her while she starts to cry.

After which Bastien goes to the spoon and asks to speak to Audrey. He asks her about John and Melody’s relationship. Audrey, not realizing that Mona is listening to them, makes the young man believe that she knows more than he does.

At the police station, Georges and Roxanne analyze their research: they discover that John and Melody have known each other for a long time. Both were born in Amiens, then continued to live in the same regions. Each time, John started living again in a different city, and Melody moved there six months later. Roxanne suggests that he was trying to get away from her and that she was following him obsessively. But Georges thinks this type of behavior doesn’t match the investment he’s shown in his relationships, including Lucien. Suddenly, George puts forward another hypothesis…

In the evening, George takes a meeting room with Melody. He presents the fruits of his research like this: Johnny and Melody have known each other for 20 years and had a child together. If Melody followed John wherever he went, it wasn’t for him, it was for Bastien…

Modi hopes to get closer to Diego

At the Delcourts, Marianne warns Chloe that she has invited Sebastien and Maude to her place for an aperitif. Chloe is surprised her mom didn’t invite Camille or even Rafael, and immediately suspects she’s up to something.

Indeed, whether it’s Modi, Camille, Chloe, or Rafael, they all wonder about Mariana’s true motivations. And they all come to the same conclusion: this is a way to bring Diego and Modi closer together.

In the evening, Diego helps Mariana prepare an aperitif. Someone who thought she only invited Sebastien is surprised to discover that Modi is also invited. Both are welcomed.

After a while, Diego and Modi talk about wanting to go to Spon together. Sebastian takes the opportunity to leave, leaving Mariana alone.

At the spoon, Diego and Maud drink together. They spot Bastien alone in a corner and offer him a game of foosball to distract him.

Jordan declares his love for Violet

At breakfast, Violetta tells her brother that she barely slept all night thinking about Jordan and the reaction he got when she admitted she missed him. However, the latter invited him to a meeting in the afternoon at La Paillote. Charles thinks this is a good sign.

At La Paillote, Jordan takes some time to find the perfect location. Seeing this, Lilu immediately realizes that he has a date with Violet. He comes late and does not see anywhere. However, Charles assures him that Jordan wasn’t there that long ago. Frustrated, Violet thinks that he is tired of waiting for her and that fate has decided to separate them.

At the same time, Jordan arrives behind them and hears everything that Violet says to her brother. In this case, that he is madly in love with her, but never got around to telling her clearly to his face. Charles then tells his sister that his heart is right behind her.

Jordan and Violet go for a walk on the beach together. A young girl admits that she feels stupid. But Jordan confirms that he should have told her how he felt a long time ago. Finally, he declares that his love is mutual, and then kisses him.

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