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Girls Rule This Week’s K-Pop Music Videos

Girls Rule This Week’s K-Pop Music Videos

TXT is the only male group on the top releases list, featuring new videos from STAYC, aespa, Chuu, and BABYMONSTER

Powerful girls dominate the Top 5 of K-Pop music videos of the week. There are four female releases, with the long-awaited return of STAYC, the debut of aespa in the Japanese market, the new solo phase of Chuu and the versatility of BABYMONSTER. The male exception is the new single of TXT (Tomorrow X Together), a production that demonstrates the evolution and maturity of the boy group. Watch.

STAYC “Cheeky and icy”

The girl group’s first single in nearly a year is also the opening video for their debut album, “Metamorphic,” released Monday (7/1). The humorous track highlights the sextet’s confidence and charisma, as they appear in cool poses in the video, complete with sunglasses and steady postures, before taking silly tumbles due to excessive posing. The song is synthpop with a funky, infectious beat that reflects the members’ enhanced charm.


“Hot Mess” marks aespa’s debut in the Japanese market, in a new evolution in the group’s career. The song is an energetic dance song with a distinctive saxophone sound and intense rapping, which conveys a message of self-confidence and empowerment. The music video also shows images of Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning in anime style and as giant women striding through the streets of Tokyo. However, the release was accompanied by controversy. As the only Japanese member of the group, Giselle was relegated to an extra in the production, which did not please fans, who expected more prominence and no less than for the recording in English and Japanese. The hashtag #RespectGiselle ended up becoming one of the most discussed topics in Korean.


Chuu’s sunny music video was shot in natural locations, with scenes of the singer dancing among flowers and rural landscapes, in a light and relaxed atmosphere. The vibrant colors and visuals convey a summery feeling, which reflects the melody of “Honeybee”, an authentic acoustic bossa nova, in a different phase of his solo career. The track is unlike anything he’s done in the group Loona, and comes a week after the energetic hit “Strawberry Rush”.


“Forever” features an unusual mix of different musical styles. The unconventional structure begins as a powerful rap, but then transitions into a disco track, gains a pop chorus, and even has a ballad section, creating the feeling of assembling several different songs into one composition. The music video, shot in a variety of settings, complements this musical mix with an equally diverse visual aesthetic. The scenes range from crowded environments to serene landscapes, symbolizing the versatility and dynamic journey of the group members. The video has been mixed to positive reviews, with some fans praising its innovation and boldness, while others point out the feeling of disconnect between the different parts of the song. As a relatively new group, Babymonster at least demonstrates a tendency towards experimentation.


TXT’s new music video highlights the group’s evolution in style and narrative. Shot in multiple locations, the video features the TXT members interacting in different settings, with scenes that alternate between sunny days and bright nights, suggesting the passage of time and different stages of life. The cinematography is particularly noteworthy, with well-crafted shots and the use of a blurry filter, creating a nostalgic and hopeful viewing experience. The epic ballad, which begins and ends on the piano, speaks of maintaining strong bonds and staying resilient in the face of life’s inevitable changes, highlighting the importance of staying true to yourself and your friends no matter the circumstances.

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