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Tomorrow Belongs To Us: ‘I Never Expected Melody To Be A Mother’… Nellie Lawson Reacts To Her Character’s Unexpected Turn

Tomorrow Belongs To Us: ‘I Never Expected Melody To Be A Mother’… Nellie Lawson Reacts To Her Character’s Unexpected Turn

Secrets will never stay hidden for long Tomorrow is ours!

While investigating John Kovac’s murder, Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) had no idea that he was about to make a shocking discovery about Melody’s (Nellie Lawson) past. In fact, the policeman discovered that his partner was actually Bastien’s mother. A secret that he has been hiding for many years.

And if this discovery was a surprise to the audience, so was Nellie Lawson, the translator of the tune.

“I didn’t expect that Melody would become a mother”

It is in the columns of our colleagues Recreational television That Nellie Lawson trusted her character with this unexpected turn.

I did not expect Melody to become a mother at all. And even more so, the mother of one of his students“, he says.

Melody’s motherhood was a real surprise for the actress, the latter wanted to do everything well to make the revelation scene authentic and painful. A particularly difficult moment to capture for Nellie Lawson.

He explains, “It was slow. I wanted this moment to be really authentic to Melody. I talked a lot with the authors, I added some things… This plot is very difficult for him. Abandoning a child is not a trivial act, that’s why the truth was important to me. I prepared a lot, read the testimonies of women who went through such experiences. Yes, that scene was very intense, even though of course I love what I do and I never suffer while doing it.“.

Why did Melody hide this secret all these years?

Now, the question undoubtedly burning on viewers’ lips is: Why did Melody hide the fact that she was Bastien’s mother all these years?

Nellie Lawson specifies that the melody “He did not want to interfere in Bastien’s life“because he doesn’t”She did not feel legitimate in this role of mother“.

And the actor added:Abandoning her son was a form of rejection in a way, and subsequently she did not feel that she could hold that place again. He did not want to upset her, rush, and then Bastien’s father did not really agree to Melody’s participation in Bastien’s life. That’s why it was very difficult for him to return to her.

Now that the truth is finally out, other questions arise. How will Bastien react when he discovers that his PE teacher is actually his mother? Will this discovery have consequences for the George-Melody couple? The answer will soon be ours in Tomorrow.

Source: Allocine

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