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Valesca Popozuda returns to her roots in a new EP, with R&B, pagode and trap; Listen

Valesca Popozuda returns to her roots in a new EP, with R&B, pagode and trap; Listen

The singer known for singing “Funk Proibidão” reinvents herself in “De Volta Para Gaiola”

Valesca Popozuda returns to its roots with the launch of Back to the Cage: True Lovea three-song EP with banned versions in the styles R&B, Pagodas and Trap. The new project arrived on digital platforms this Friday 5th.

According to her, the songs are about romantic relationships and even a love story between two women. In addition to the explicit verses, Valesca has also released “light” versions of the songs for those who are not big fans of “proibidão”.

The tracks begin with a powerful speech from the artist, inviting women to explore their sexuality. The first song, Pagodinas the name suggests, it starts with a good pagoda pace.

The second one, 12 hoursmarks the debut of R&B in Valesca’s work. The track features MC’s partner GW. In the third and final, XXT on XXTValesca tells a sapphic love story, together with Ya Malb. Watch:

Inspiration from Brazilian artists and plans for the future

In an interview, the funk singer commented that she always wanted to work on other rhythms and, during the process of creating each song, she was inspired by Brazilian artists who sing for pleasure, such as Baco Exu do Blues AND Luisa Sonza.

“We have to play and reinvent ourselves constantly. I had just released two songs in this nostalgia that people are doing, from the 2000s, which I love and admire. But now I wanted to do something R&B, love songs. My inspiration was Bacco, who I love. I really like the way he talks about sex and pleasure. It’s very liberating the way he communicates. And also Luísa, who I like a lot, I really like a lot,” she explained.

Despite the change in musical style, which may seem radical to some fans, Valesca has made it clear that she can return to funk, if she prefers. “I have not abandoned funk. My funk will always be with me. It is a way to reinvent myself, to bring something new, without losing my essence, but also what I like to hear,” she explained.

According to her, the “new era” has been divided into three parts and will have a new release in December, all within this exploration of musical styles.

“I haven’t thought about the next movie yet, what I’m going to venture into, what I’m not going to do, or if I can go back to my funk, my nostalgia, or if I can do a 150 BPM out of nowhere, like, you know, yeah, so I think it depends a lot on the moment, on us too,” Valesca said good-naturedly. Earth.

Source: Terra

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