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Elton John Accused of Urinating in Bottle Inside Shop in France

Elton John Accused of Urinating in Bottle Inside Shop in France

According to TMZ, the artist found himself in an embarrassing situation in Nice

According to TMZ, singer Elton John is accused of urinating in a bottle in the middle of a store in France.

The situation reportedly occurred on Monday (7/8) when Elton was visiting a sneaker store in Nice, France. Store owner Ryan Sukkar said the entertainer entered the store accompanied by his children and security guards in search of a bathroom.

Lack of bathroom and improvised solution

After discovering that there were no restrooms in the place, Elton allegedly asked the security guard for a bottle and went to urinate in the container in a corner of the store. The situation worsened when, according to the owner, Elton made a mess that “missed the mark” and asked the security guard for a towel to clean up the mess.

Owner’s reaction and result

Ryan confronted the singer and, after discovering his identity, ended up leaving the situation alone. Elton bought some sneakers for his sons at the store, took a photo and waved to the owner on his way out.

Source: Terra

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