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Luiz Chagas, journalist, musician and father of Gustavo and Tulipa Ruiz, died at the age of 72

Luiz Chagas, journalist, musician and father of Gustavo and Tulipa Ruiz, died at the age of 72

Chagas was part of the band Isca de Police, of Itamar Assumpção, had a blog in “Estadão” and worked at “Jornal da Tarde”; the cause of death was not revealed

The journalist, translator, writer and musician died at the age of 72 Louis Chagasfather of the artists Gustavo and Tulipa Ruiz. The confirmation came via a post on Instagram this Wednesday 10. The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Chagas made an enormous contribution to the music St. Paul and the journalism. To the Stateworked at Afternoon newspaper and, until the end of 2016, he published a blog in the newspaper, which he described as follows: “Culture, debts and doubts. Normal?”

He was also the guitarist of the band Isca de Police, from Itamar Assumpçao (1949-2003) and helped shape the musical movement known as the São Paulo avant-garde. He composed the music Nightmarefrom the acclaimed album Pretobras (1998), of the Assumption.

In 2018, the show is about to debut Music in the apartmentthe journalist spoke State about his passion for music. According to him, his interest initially arose when he was given a guitar as a child, but it developed later.

“Music came when I was already 30 and had two children to raise. It wasn’t a burst of youth,” he said of his time with Isca de Policia. Chagas also composed soundtracks for several films, especially in the 1980s, such as Films about dementia (1986), Angels of Arrabalde (1987) and Quincas Borba (1987).

His musical career has gained even more attention with the visibility of the careers of his children, producer Gustavo Ruiz and singer Tulipa Ruiz. For Tulipa, Chagas has contributed to the albums Ephemeral (2010) and Everything so much (2012).

In June Tulipa recalled the composition of sushiIn Ephemerala song whose lyrics were written by his father. The album was the first released by the artist and the song was the first collaboration between the two.

At the time, the artist showed email exchanges between the two. In one of them, Chagas quoted an excerpt from the book Conversations with Woody Allenby Eric Lax: “Don’t be afraid. In Allen’s book, it says that the simple things are the most difficult to reach and interpret.”

“It’s a song we always play at concerts, even if it’s not on the setlist, because the audience always asks for it,” Tulipa said. “I sing it with pleasure, because, in addition to being tasty, it has matured with freshness.”


Luiz Chagas’ wake will take place this Wednesday, from 9:00 to 14:00, at Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, number 376, in the Bela Vista neighborhood. The burial will take place at 15:30, in the Congonhas cemetery.

Source: Terra

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