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Such a perfect sun: Tiago and Robin soon to be a couple?

Such a perfect sun: Tiago and Robin soon to be a couple?

Warning, this article contains spoilers for future episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

As Claire and Florent prepare to end their love story, a new couple is formed in Un si grand soleil.

After breaking up with Maeve (Marie Fevre), Robin (Lucas Ivula) couldn’t find love. But everything could change during the next episodes of the France 2 soap opera, and this time with a man.

Remember, when he arrived on the series in 2022, Robin confided in Kira (Colin Ramos-Pinto) about his bisexuality. If so far the young man has only had stories with young women, Lucas Ivula, his translator, expressed his desire to see his character fall in love with a boy.

As the foundation has been laid, it will be interesting if she suddenly falls in love with a boy and the question does not arise, if we do not make it a topic. That’s it, that’s life, and it’s good for him if he’s happy. Why not one day, yes I would– he said on the Allociné microphone.

It is enough to give the screenwriters of Un si grand soleil great ideas through the character of Alain Alphad’s grandson Thiago (Félicien Araud), who has been in love with his comrade for several months. A clash that ultimately turns out to be mutual…

Robin and Tiago kiss

In A new extract is available on the France.tv platform, Tiago and Robin party at Estrella-Grachai’s house. After dancing the night away, Tiago joins his friend in the garden for some fresh air.

Chance told his son Cresson the good news. Indeed, Robin was accepted into Montpellier Law School. “Would you miss me if I went to Lille?– says Robin.In your mind ?“, Tiago will answer.

After looking at each other tenderly for a few seconds, the two young people kissed each other passionately. Thiago and Robin will spend the night together.

So is this the beginning of a beautiful love story between Thiago and Robin? Answer soon in Un si grand soleil!

Source: Allocine

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