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Cleber and Cauan reveal they’ve already been discouraged by a businessman: ‘Just a little song’

Cleber and Cauan reveal they’ve already been discouraged by a businessman: ‘Just a little song’

The duo tells what happened because at the time they sang more danceable songs

The cross-country duo Cleber and Cauan They shared an unpleasant situation they experienced with a businessman when they were still in Goiânia, Goiás According to the two, the professional, whose name was not revealed, said that only they did it “little song” and discouraged another businessman from working with them.

The revelation came after he was asked to change his repertoire from more danceable country music to romantic songs during the TV room this Wednesday, 10. According to Cauan, they became popular with dance hits, but they wanted to change and create something that “marked people’s lives”.

“We sang it there because it was very fashionable, in that period of ballads, and we played it at night, in clubs, in concert halls. And that was what people liked to hear dancing, you know, that thing. But our essence is romantic music, and we always said that one day we would make a romantic song, God willing,” he recalls in an interview with Earth.

The song in question was “Sonho”, a composition by Juliano Tchula and Zé Neto and Cristiano, which they consider one of the highlights of their career. However, until they found the right tone, they had to face prejudices due to the musical style of the medium. “We thought that when you sing ‘ballad music’, which we call backstage, the duo doesn’t have much respect. […] In country music, when you sing romantic music, you are more respected as an artist who actually sings. The artist who just sings is usually labeled as an artist who doesn’t have much content,” Cauan explained.

We too have suffered a bit from this prejudice towards entrepreneurs in the sector. I’ll tell you something very quickly here, but there was a very important manager in the music world, Marcinho Costa, and he was interested in the duo and went to Goiânia. […] When he went to try to invest in us, to close something with different people, he went to Goiânia and someone, and we found out that even a businessman said that “the boys don’t sing anything, it’s just a little song””, reveals Cleber.

He said the comment raised concerns between the two. “We realized what a turning point it would be to sing romantic songs. And God gave us the gift of being able to work on this music and really start to be respected as a country duo,” he explained.

OR TV room airs on Wednesday at 3pm live on the Terra home page, on Youtube and on Terra’s social networks.

Source: Terra

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