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Anitta Suffers Jellyfish Attack During Ibiza Trip: “I Was Shocked”

Anitta Suffers Jellyfish Attack During Ibiza Trip: “I Was Shocked”

The singer is in Europe for the “Baile Funk Experience” tour.

Singer Anitta took advantage of her “Baile Funk Experience” tour in Europe to enjoy the places she visits across the continent. Despite the success of the shows, the artist suffered a setback this Wednesday 10 after being attacked by a jellyfish during a cave tour in Ibiza, Spain.

The episode was narrated by the singer in Stories from his Instagram profile, in the early afternoon of this Wednesday.

“The experience of being electrocuted while swimming,” Anitta wrote, showing a photo of the mark the jellyfish left on her forearm. The artist said she felt pain like “never before in her life.”

“It was the most horrible thing. I was literally electrocuted. And I resisted. I was electrocuted, and I was struggling and throwing a punch,” Anitta said. She said she felt the animal approach her face, which was red and swollen after the incident, before she was helped by a sailor.

The singer assured her followers that she was feeling better after the attack, but left the warning: “It was life-threatening pain for about an hour, but everything is fine.”

Jellyfish burn

When in contact with the skin, jellyfish release substances that cause burns. If this happens, the advice is to use the well-known vinegar, explains the dermatologist and director of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology – RS Section (SBD-RS), Cintia Cristina Pessin.

Cristina says that vinegar compresses or cold sea water help inactivate nematocysts (small tentacles containing stinging cells) in jellyfish.

“Compresses or compresses of cold sea water or vinegar have an analgesic effect in these cases and should be applied immediately to the injured area, while still on the beach, as a first aid routine,” he explains.

The recommendation is to always use sea water to relieve the burning sensation and not fresh water brought from home.

Source: Terra

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