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Cypress Hill Makes Simpsons Prediction Come True With London Orchestra

Cypress Hill Makes Simpsons Prediction Come True With London Orchestra

The American band had been dreaming of performing since the first episode of “Homerpalooza”

The Simpsons made another unusual prediction on Wednesday night (7/10). This time, the episode “Homerpalooza” materialized with an epic performance by the American band Cypress Hill with the London Symphony Orchestra, at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

The prediction was made in the classic Season 7 episode 30 years ago, which depicted the California rappers collaborating with the London group on a version of “Insane in the Brain.” The scene has pretty much played out in real life.

Dressed in suits and ties, Cypress Hill performed with the Orchestra their album “Black Sunday” (1993), which topped the Billboard charts upon its release with the songs “I Wanna Get High”, “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That”, “When the Shit Goes Downs”, “Lick a Shot” and, of course, “Insane in the Brain”.

“It’s something we’ve been talking about for a lot of years, ever since the episode of ‘The Simpsons’ first aired,” rapper B-Real told the BBC. “So it’s very special for us. And it comes on the heels of the 30th anniversary of our album ‘Black Sunday.’ We’ve played a lot of historic venues throughout our career and stuff like that, but nothing as prestigious as this,” he added.

Compare the presentations.

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