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The Iza case exposes the buying and selling of compromising information of famous people

The Iza case exposes the buying and selling of compromising information of famous people

The business desk where scandalous headlines are produced to attract an audience takes place away from the public eye

Money begets money. A bombshell story on a website or social media profile can generate millions of visits and, in turn, increase revenue from advertising associated with the story.

Therefore, it is more common than one might think to buy ‘scoops’, that is, exclusive news, usually about the love and sexual lives of artists and sub-celebrities. When reporting that she had been cheated on, Iza said that the information had been offered to a press professional for R $ 30,000.

Soon, some portals revealed the name and some photos of the alleged linchpin of the separation between the singer, six months pregnant, and the footballer Yuri Lima. The artist hinted that she took the initiative to record the video to prevent the executioner from profiting from the situation.

Those who have offered evidence of betrayal demonstrate that they are out of touch with reality by asking for such a high sum. For comparison, journalist Leo Dias revealed in the podcast ‘Vi na Vivi’, by Vivi Mascaro, that he paid 2 thousand dollars (about R$ 9 thousand in September 2023) for the video of Neymar caught accompanied by women in a nightclub in Barcelona, ​​​​when he was still engaged to Bruna Biancardi.

Professional journalism imposes the rule of never paying informants and interviewees. In practice, some press outlets specialized in covering the intimacy of media figures circumvent this code of ethics in the name of audience goals.

There is the opposite movement: people desperate for 15 minutes of fame who try to buy space to promote themselves. Do not confuse this profile with clients who hire press agents to obtain notes and articles without paying anything to journalists and editorialists.

Still regarding Iza, it is important to underline the dignity of her position in her statement. She had the greatness to show concern for her ex’s parents and she handled the complaint in a way that avoided a scandal.

Instead, some celebrities would seize the opportunity to create sensationalism to gain more visibility and followers. In this environment, there are those who seek to financially benefit from their misfortune.

Source: Terra

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