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Hold Me Closer: Elton John and Britney Spears Partnership Confirmed

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The track was announced by Elton John on his Instagram and marks the return of Britney Spears after the end of her controversial tutelage.

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Last Monday, 8th, Elton John used her Instagram to reveal the name of her next song: ‘Hold Me Closer‘. Shortly thereafter, according to Varietyit was confirmed that the track will be a partnership between the singer and, none other, none less, that Britney Spears.

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Suspicions that the artists recorded the single together only increased with the singer’s post. In the image, Elton shared the name of the song along with a rocket icon — which would represent the Rocket Man — and a rose — which would represent the very Britney.

On Monday, then, the teams of both artists put an end to speculation, confirming not only that the song is, in fact, a partnership between Elton and Britneyas well as revealing that it should be released soon.

In addition to what was said by the teams, no further information about the track was released. Since July, as reported by rolling stonehowever, it is speculated that ‘Hold Me Closer‘ will be a remake of ‘Tiny Dancer‘, success of Elton John released in 1971.

With production signed by the Grammy winner Andrew Wattthe new track will be the first work Britney Spears since the launch of Gloryhis most recent album, from 2016. The partnership with Elton John It also marks the singer’s return to the music business after her controversial tutelage, which came to an end in November 2021.

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End of guardianship

At the end of last year, the judge Brenda Penny put an end to the father’s control, Jamie Spearsabout the life, career and finances of Britney Spears. In September, Jamie has been removed from the tutor role of Britney while both parties fought for the end of the process. In addition to her father, the singer’s former manager was also involved with the guardianship. E-mails leaked at the time of the process proved that Lou Taylor planned the guardianship, which lasted 13 years.

Matthew Rosengartlawyer of Britney included, in court documents, emails from taylor sent in January 2008 to the lawyers of Jamie Spearsin which he said “I am looking to work with you” (via Pagesix).

Source: Rollingstone

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