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Michael Jackson: Sony’s lawsuit over singer’s ‘fake’ songs comes to an end

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Tracks from Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album were removed from streaming during a fan-led lawsuit

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Process against Sony Music for alleged fake songs from Michael Jackson came to an end, as determined by the Rolling Stone USAlast Wednesday, 11. According to some fans, three tracks from the posthumous album Michael (2010) were not recorded by the King of Pop.

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The process started in 2014, when the fan Vera Serova brought action against Sony and the producers responsible for the songs”breaking news,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and “monster.” According to her, vocals belong to someone else – as the singer’s children and friends also believed.

“Is not Michael Jackson,” Will.i.am stated in 2010. “I heard this song that’s on the internet now, it’s not from Mike. He wasn’t there to do his painstaking curation that he did with ‘thriller‘ and ‘Billie Jean.’ It disgusts me.”

THE Sony removed all three songs from YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. In a statement to a fan page, a spokesperson for the estate of Jackson said:

“The removal of these three songs has nothing to do with their authenticity. The discussion about the tracks is distracting the Michael Jackson community of fans and listeners from focusing their attention where it should be – on Michael’s legendary and deep catalog of music.”

Action came to an end with agreement between the two parties, but details were not revealed.

“Despite the possible decision of the Supreme Court, the parties mutually decided to terminate the case, which could include additional appeals and judgments in court. [Remover as músicas do streaming] was the best and simplest way to move the conversation forward on these three tracks,” stated Sony and the estate of Jackson in note to billboard.

Among the controversies in the case were the label’s own statements – either defending the authenticity of the songs, or admitting “additional recordings” by other singers.

The controversy started before the release, as the tracks would have been made in New Jersey, United States, in 2007, with the producer Eddie Cascio. The musician confirmed the presence of the voice of Michaelhowever, Prince, the singer’s son, said it was not the same recording heard in the studio.

Jason Malachi would be responsible for the additional vocals, as he himself revealed in a deleted post from social networks. Listen:

Source: Rollingstone

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