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5 Fashion Rules For Tall Girls: How To Look Perfect If Your Height Is 54 And Up

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Long live body positive! The world has finally recognized that not only 90-60-90 girls can be beautiful, stylish and shiny, but also those who wear plus size clothes.

With the help of clothes you can solve many different problems – lengthen your legs, increase your chest, become several sizes smaller. Today we will talk about what effect full girls should achieve and how to do it correctly.

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There are a few basic rules that should be followed by anyone who wants to “lose weight” with clothes. Here are the tricks you need to learn.

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Choose the right bra

The figure makes the image, and the chest makes the figure. Do you think people look at faces to judge age? Nothing like ! We subconsciously pay much more attention to posture. Nothing spoils the figure like a low chest, which turns the most toned figure into a puffy one.

Much depends on the chest line: its correct construction allows you to visually lengthen the legs and increase growth. The ideal breast line is approximately in the middle of the humerus – be sure to choose a bra that will allow you to achieve this effect.

Expand your color palette

Many obese women still believe that total black is the best way to slim down. This is not the case: black is very insidious! With too dense fabric and strict lines, it will only make the figure heavier.

Remember: you can use any color. Dark colors make objects seem distant from us, they are neutral to attract attention. Use them for body parts you want to reduce.

Light shades, on the contrary, visually enlarge parts of the body and attract attention. Use them to highlight your strengths.

Remember proportionality

The taller and taller the girl, the worse she will look against the background of small elements. Therefore, leave microflower things in the store – you need a bigger impression. The same rule applies to accessories: you will have to give up small glasses and handbags, shoes with thin straps and narrow belts.

The vertical line is your friend!

But you don’t need stripes on the fabric, you need layers: the unbuttoned floors of outerwear will give you the super-slimming vertical you need. So wear jackets and cardigans – they will help you look slim. Another trick is to use an extra-long belt: put it on so that one end hangs freely, creating an upright, elongated silhouette.

Choose the right fabrics

A material that is too dense is not suitable for tall girls: it gives more volume. Fine knits are also “harmful”: they are too soft and therefore accentuate defects by “sticking” to them. You should be looking for the sweet spot: a fabric that accentuates curves while still being stiff enough to hold its shape.

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