Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Tati Zaqui receives a death threat from Bia Miranda in “A Fazenda”

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Gretchen’s niece said, after an argument, that she would “beat [em Tati] until it dies “

A confusion involving the influencer Bia Miranda with the singer Tati Zaqui to the Reality show The farm led to death threat from the niece of Gretchen.

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It was in the bedroom of the house, which bi said this Tati Zaqui should speak Deolane Bezerra in front of her and both peons began to exchange insults.

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A few hours later, Bia Miranda he even stated that he wanted to beat the singer and that, if she was expelled, he would do it “Beat (the singer) until she dies”.

“If I can’t control myself and I get kicked out, she’ll be screwed, because I’ll beat her to death”She said Bia Miranda.

The fight has had such repercussions that the bi she was forced to speak in an official statement, minimizing her client’s threat: “Due to recent events, we understand that tempers are sky high. The reality show is a program that tests the limits of pedestrians, including the theme of coexistence.”

And he continued: “Bia never threatened another participant’s integrity and never even lifted a finger. After being insulted and humiliated, it was her way of letting off steam. In the heat of the moment she used hyperbole in her speech (exaggeration). . living a completely new life and challenging experience ”.

“But we will not eliminate negative attitudes, who ever, angry, said something with his mouth? It is easy to point the finger and judge, but living under pressure and being massacred is a challenge and requires self-defense”concludes the bi.

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