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The Farm: Bia Miranda, Gretchen’s granddaughter, says she lived on the street when she was 7

Not just live participant fights The farmfrom Record TV, there is space to have fun and even let off steam. In the early hours of this Saturday (1) it was the turn of Bia Mirandaadoptive grandson of Gretchen connected with Shayn in a chat and tells her life story a bit when her behavior is questioned by her fellow inmate.

“Look, let me explain. All my life, I was burned by cigarettes, I was hit in the face, I lived on the street. I stayed one day, when I was 7, sleeping on the street. home, everything. Because my mother asked me every day, until I was 17 “the influencer said.

“I turned 17, had a husband and went to live with him, quickly. All my life, I have suffered from friendships, from dating, with a mother, with family, people of my own blood I suffered. So, don’t “Come on and say I’m rude and rude. If I am like this today, it is because I have suffered a lot in the past. I fell a lot with friendship and family. “completed bira.

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