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Marcelo D2 opens the wings of his new project at the Circus Voador

“Marcelo D2 and a Handful of Bamba” marks a strong debut in the heart of Lapa in the

Rio de Janeiro.

an established career

After the success of Assim touch os MEUS TAMBORES Vol.1 (2020) and the triumphant return

from Planet Hemp in Jardineiros, (2022) Marcelo D2 prepares for a new step in his

career, redefining formats and bringing new possibilities to his already


Marcelo’s passion for samba comes from the cradle, in his career, the artist has had the blessing of

great names of the genre such as master Bezerra da Silva among many others who still

live and make history.

the patella is hot

For the debut of this project, D2 invited his son Sain to open a class,

leading his team to sing his classic songs and albums Dose de Adrenalina and Slow

Flow, setting the stage for his third album hitting the streets still in its infancy

this year.

The event had an artistic focus on samba and, although the artists were MCs

we see all the energy going to a big table at the top of the stage making a

allusion to samba circles.

Yan Carpenter is a photographer and was at the event with us, and talked about his

experience photographing the event: “Photographing Sain and D2 in this penthouse was incredible, the house was full very early, when he sang the second song it was impossible to walk”,

She said.

If the fulcrum of the event was to build a narrative centered on the bohemian and the malandragem, the

goal has been completed. Without missing a beat, Marcelo D2 innovates once again, bringing

also their latest release, POVO. IN . FÉ, celebrating ancestry and seeking

keep alive the traditions and places he has lived in these almost 30-year career. A vote.

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