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Duda Beat launches ‘T3 4M0 L4 F0R4 RMX’, his first project of 2023

After some spoilers on your social networks, hard to beat released a new version of his latest album last week I love you out theretakes its name T3 4M0 L4 F0R4 RMX. With the care of Thomas Troywho also produced the original 2021 project in collaboration with Lux Ferreirathe album comes with remixes of absolutely every track on the album and comes full of special collaborations like Teto Preto, Maffalda, Ruxell, Carlos do Complexoamong others

The launch comes not only as the closure of the narration of loves, attachments, detachments and overcomings Doubt started on I’m really sorry and followed I love you Out therebut also as the opening of the sunniest phase that the singer will present by the end of the year in her new album of unreleased material.

For tracks, hard to beat AND Thomas Troy invited names from the music scene who admire to sign each of the new releases. For example, the artist from Rio de Janeiro ruxelknown to have worked with Anitta, IZA AND Glory Grovein the interval You and me where I brought the funk rhythm. Already inside my pecker, maffaldedj and producer respected in the trap, pop and electronic scene, brought a complete outfit to the dance floor.

T3 4M0 L4 F0R4 is the realization of the artist who always wanted to see how his songs would sound with other rhythms: “These remixes come as a farewell to an album that was so special to me.” concludes Doubt.


Source: Terra

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