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Morrissey believes label sabotaged his new album

Note published on Morrissey’s website indicates alleged sabotage of Capitol Records

Morrissey continues to face problems with the launch of his disc Bonfire Of Teenagers. After troubled departure from the label BMG in 2020 due to controversial political statements, the musician signed with Capitol Recordsbut it hasn’t had an easy life so far.

Disagreements began after the news that Miley Cyrus would have chosen to cancel his participation in one of the songs of the new album of Morrissey. The former member of The Smiths published letter about cancellation policy and culture. He still denied that the singer’s departure was related to her far-right positions.

This Tuesday, 7, Morrissey he returned to the subject due to an impasse in the release of the album, implying that there was sabotage in his project with the record company. “Morrissey is ‘too diverse’ for Universal Music Group,” reads the statement on the musician’s website. Capitol Records won’t release the disc Bonfire of Teenagers (2021), at the same time, are holding the puck.”

“Although Morrissey have signed with Capitol Recordsthere is no mention of him on the label’s website or in their artist bank. Morrissey said that, despite not believing that the Capitol Records signed the contract to sabotage the album, he is quickly coming to that belief,” the statement added.

The site even included a link to the text of Fiona Dowell which argues alleged “lack of true diversity in music” after case of Morrissey with the Capitol Records (via stereogun).

Source: Rollingstone

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