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Review of ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, the fun ball pool of DC

Zachary Levi is back in charge of the crazy sequel ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, Justice League losers of the new executives.

    Define irony… Yes, this is how one of the most memorable quotes of modern (90s of the last century) action cinema began, the one that a Steve Buscemi, more oracle of gods than ever, did in ‘Con Air’ regarding a handful of convict gallows jumping and singing like children on a plane the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ of those Lynyrd Skynyrd who crashed aboard one. Define irony: criticizing the childish tone of ‘Shazam! The Fury of the Gods’ which had been lauded and received as a breath of fresh air amid the pathos of the DC cinematic in the original. Vinegar the face and scold some children (as the three villains do in the film that is being released) transformed into superheroes who jump, sing, fight, destroy Philadelphia and, despite everything, save the universe with the unconsciousness of doing it like travelers on a plane (the one from the old DC that James Gunn and Peter Safran have finished off) that is about to crash, firstly against the ironic lack of sense of wonder (Captain Marvel, of course) of much of the international critics.

    ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’ invites all those DC characters that the cinema is going to make invisible to a pool of balls, a kind of Justice League of losers before the decisions of new executives in the studio. There he lets them have fun and has fun with them, he plays with them like Freddy with his superheroic memorabilia that the one who is already part of it still does not know how to manage very well. He amuses himself by quoting all those uniformed, super-powered dummies from DC happy on a plane headed for disaster, and also nearly a dozen of his Marvel colleagues/friends, curiously as much in crisis as the DC Cinematic Universe. DC. And he manages to hit the target (or Diana) than he intended, with better fortune than it seems and suffered in its postponed and retouched premiere, ‘Wonder Woman 84’: the connection of the superhero blockbuster with the playground they were the 80s and the origin, in 1978, of all of them: Richard Donner’s ‘Superman’.

    Define irony: once again criticize the excess and cumbersome CGI of a climax/final confrontation as if it were not part of the style book for big screen adaptations of comic book characters. In the case of ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods ‘has an explanation that we would even understand if it were one of the childish puns with double meanings that Billy Batson and his family use to drive the wicked out of their boxes. A comical and tear-jerking explanation for the fan that has to do with Jack Kirby (yes, the most important turncoat from Marvel to DC… after Stan Lee, of course): Kirby was the creator of Atlas, whose three daughters are in David F. Sandberg’s film the nemeses of Shazam and company, and Kirby laughed (big boy’s laugh) his motley graphic and apocalyptic style in the comic book series he dedicated, as the main character (yes, another of those “losers” on a plane to the end) to Jimmy Olsen. The climax of the film is visually that of a Jack Kirby reloading his ornate look with the humor of a kid who knows that a belch or a fart the louder they sound, the better.

    Define irony: having the word nostalgia at your fingertips when typing a review, any, and not being touched by how ‘Shazam! The fury of the gods’, even more seriously than might be expected, not for nothing We are before the saga (of two films, unfortunately and if a miracle does not happen) that has made the coming of age its soap opera and fantastic raison d’être. Seeing Helen Mirren reformulating her Morgana tics from ‘Excalibur’ (John Boorman, 1981) as Hespera and clad in the costume of the Sorceress (Christina Pickles) from ‘Masters of the Universe’ (Gary Goddard, 1987) is so moving like that Athena (Rachel Zegler) discovering the small delights of capitalism and fast food like the goddesses Olivia Newton-John from ‘Xanadu’ or Ava Gardner from ‘Venus was a woman’, or the displayed gallery of monsters that imitate the stop motion of Ray Harryhausen or his students at the Charles Band factory.

    Define irony: going through life, and the cinema, as a modern and young critic, having let the child who should never have left continue on a plane to his business, singing and cheering for the classics.

    For childhood playmates of DC’s outcasts

    The best: mark a “dodgeball” with cars and other street furniture.

    The worst: that it speaks of a DC that we will never see again, at least like this.


    Address: David F. Sandberg Distribution: Zachary Levi, Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, Rachel Zegler, Asher Angel Country: USA Year: 2023 Release date: 17–3-2023 Gender: Action Script: Henry Gayden, Chris Morgan Duration: 130 minutes

    Synopsis: Billy Batson and his fellow adoptees have been given the powers of the gods but are still learning to juggle their teenage lives with their superhero alter-egos. But when the Daughters of Atlas, a vengeful trio of ancient gods, come to Earth in search of magic stolen from them long ago, Billy – aka Shazam – and his family find themselves embroiled in a battle for their superpowers, their lives. and the fate of their world.

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