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Criticism of ‘Mirror, mirror’, the new comedy by Natalia de Molina

The cast is completed by an excellent cast led by Santi Millán, Malena Alterio, Carlos Areces, Toni Acosta, Carlos Bardem and Verónica Forqué.

    Here the machine to make people laugh works at full throttle thanks to an ingenious premise (the mirrors whose images reflect the Jiminy Cricket that we all carry inside) and a superb choral cast. They are all in their sauce, with the razor-sharp comical vision, and fit the phrases and retorts with consummate talent. Areces and his other self in the glass have hilarious moments. It’s nice (and at the same time sad) to see Forqué still dedicated to the cause shortly before the misfortune: how great she was! And, not to go too far, there’s the enormous Loles León in ferocious lioness style: two minutes are enough for her, skinning poor Alterio, to make clear what a golden high school is in cinema.

    ‘Mirror, mirror’, however, ends up being a bit of a cowardly comedy: pours notable venom on sensitive current issues (normative bodies, inclusivity, gender dysphoria, etc.) to finally gently drop the anchor (the embarrassing hairdresser scene or the final fireworks) in the politically correct. We would have liked it to be more subversive, more terrorist.

    To remind us that, from time to time, intelligence also inhabits Spanish comedy

    The best: the cast is one of those for dipping bread.

    The worst: it is healthy corrosive until it takes the path of didactic comedy.


    Direction: Marc Crehue Distribution: Santi Millán, Natalia de Molina, Malena Alterio, Carlos Areces, Toni Acosta, Carlos Bardem and Verónica Forqué Original title: mirror, mirror Country: Spain Year: 2022 Release date: 20–05-2022 Gender: Comedy Film script: Marc Crehue Duration: 104 minutes

    Synopsis:In life we ​​constantly deal with ourselves. One part of us wants something, but the other wants the opposite. Álvaro (Santi Millán), Cristina (Malena Alterio), Paula (Natalia de Molina) and Alberto (Carlos Areces) are four employees in crisis who work for the same cosmetics company. They fight for what they want while facing their own reflections in the mirror. Ambition, fear, love and betrayal collide in this hilarious and original comedy about identity. Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself.

    Source: Fotogramas

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