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Criticism of ‘My emptiness and I’, a stark exercise

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Adrián Silvestre directs this story about transsexuality with a splendid Raphaëlle Pérez as the protagonist.

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    I think of Silvestre’s film (flat, almost amateurish) as a stark exercise, a resounding commitment to superficiality, that is, to what it definitely is (in transit). I see Raphaëlle’s story as a map, with its paths and abysses, for a common transition: there are the villainous doctor, the struggling sisters or the conditional lovers, delineated characters, a surgical simplicity. Thus, ‘Mi emptiness and I’ would give an account of the wonderfully obtuse contradictions that we recognized in ‘Sedimentos’, curves through which to fall far from demarcated paths.

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    Likewise, I would rehearse in the forms of intimate fiction those vertigo and complicity that can only be experienced on one’s own skin and that materialize in ‘the trans’. They are the ambivalent power of the gaze of others, the labels by flag and formaldehyde, the unacceptable distance with what is politically correct… Then, boldly, the film would recognize itself as a virtually possible estuary between the self and the others, a mirror to make peace with the images we project. Or maybe this review is just a long list
    of wishes

    To feed on an idealism without sweeteners

    The best: rediscovering the girls from ‘Sediments’. What joy!

    The worst: without mannerisms, it doesn’t hook the first time.


    Address: Adrian Silvestre Distribution: Raphaëlle Pérez, Alberto Diaz, Carles Fernandez Giua, Carmen Moreno Country: Spain Year: 2022 Release date: 09–09-2022 Gender: Drama Script: Carlos Marques-Marcet, Raphaelle Perez, Adrian Silvestre Duration: 98 min.

    Synopsis: Raphi is a young, androgynous and somewhat naive person. He writes poems and dreams of falling in love with a Prince Charming. She from her native France moves to Barcelona, ​​where reality is far from being as she projects it. After being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, she will begin an arduous journey to assume her true identity. Doctors, partners, artists, and men she gets to know will give her her own advice, but only her time and experience will help Raphi find her place in the world.

    Source: Fotogramas

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