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Criticism of ‘And this… whose is it?’ French comedy returns

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Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud directs one of the French comedies of the year about an exemplary family that is shaken by the appearance of a pregnancy test.

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    More than a commercial claim, the slogan “the comedy that has conquered some millions of viewers in France” is both a genre in itself and a warning to all those moviegoers who do not share the Gallic sense of humor. If prejudices are parked, in ‘And this… whose is it?’ they will find a nice film, with no pretensions other than to make you smile and that offers effective family entertainment with a macguffin (the finding of a positive pregnancy test) that serves as an excuse to x-ray, with kindness but without falling into the geek, the dynamics that strain relationships between couples, parents and children and siblings.

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    That is perhaps its best asset, the fraternal complicity –with a “play-back” it raises spirits that reminds us of Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig in the highly vindicatable ‘The Skeleton Twins’ (C. Johnson, 2014)–, as well as Alexandra Lamy’s portrait of the helicopter mother falling from her horse. Without forget his way of approaching, from an overwhelming normality, issues as polarizing and given to drama as sex and abortion: the hardest thing is to make everything look easy.

    For helicopter parents in the process of rehabilitation

    The best: the good vibes that the ‘playback’ between Joaquim Fossi and Matteo Perez gives.

    The worst: Philippe Katerine could have been used more.


    Address: Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud Distribution: Alexandra Lamy, Philippe Katerine, Matteo Perez, Joaquim Fossi, Chloé Gaillard Country: France Year: 2021 Release date: 09–09-2022 Gender: Comedy Script: Noé Debré, Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud Duration: 85 minutes

    Synopsis: Annie Castillon is happy. Her married life with Laurent is an example. Her two eldest sons, Maximiliano and César, are bright and sensitive boys. And Poupi, the teenager, helps him without ever complaining with the education of Antoine, her youngest son. On a weekend like any other, the discovery of a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom will destroy the beautiful harmony.

    Source: Fotogramas

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