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Khea returns and presents his new single: “Eclipse”

After announcing its return with an enigmatic trailer, Khea presents “Eclipse”, her new single. And with whom he is starting a new stage in his career.

It’s that “Eclipse” presents a melancholic sound, through some deep guitar chords until reaching a powerful rock that continues throughout the song.

the theme was composed by Khea during one of the most difficult periods of his lifewhere his emotional health was compromised and music was a form of catharsis and relief.

Through the lyrics, in fact, he expresses a feeling of uncertainty in which he lived when he was going through a depression, where he did not recognize himself in front of the mirror, there was no light in his life and he felt that nothing made sense at the time.

The “eclipse” is a metaphor for how all those negative feelings have turned off your light. Without a doubt, a subject to ponder.

I have decided to look for a new north in my life and in my career and with this project I take the first step”, explained the artist.

Source: Qmusica

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