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The main reason for divorce and how to avoid it

After four decades of research on married couples, scientists have finally understood what destroys marriages and keeps people from being together.

It turns out that the disturbing split between the spouses is met with contempt.

This feeling of disgust, which appeared over time in people who love each other, doomed their marriage to an unhappy end. But how can this be avoided?

Of course, everyone sometimes feels annoyed if a partner disagrees with you, but when it turns into contempt for the other, it is already a very disturbing symptom. We inevitably run into problems in relationships, but if we don’t talk about them, it won’t lead to anything good.

Additionally, rage can be difficult to deal with, making it completely impossible to discuss current issues.

If you argue a lot, it’s not a problem. Relationships die in the cold, not in the heat of heated arguments. It’s just that some couples end up giving up trying to communicate because they find it too difficult or painful.


They give up and begin to exist as roommates rather than spouses. Inexorably approaching a divorce!

To avoid contempt, all you need to do is do five simple things that will help you handle conflict better.

  1. Watch for gestures like eye rolling, smirking, or passive-aggressive comments.
  2. Make your expectations a reality, because partners often idealize each other.
  3. Look around and think about why certain moments annoy you so much and how you can deal with them.
  4. Instead of getting angry when your partner disagrees with you, just listen to their point of view.
  5. Don’t blame your partner, but talk about how you feel as a result of their actions.

Source: The Voice Mag

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