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Jimmy Kimmel interrupts Texas school shooting debate: ‘These are our kids’

Passionate, tearful Jimmy Kimmel addressed the Texas school shooting on Wednesday’s episode. Jimmy Kimmel Live!He began his monologue with a sad and depressing speech: “Behold, we are again in this day of mourning.”

For the first time Kimmel was able to speak about the tragedy on Wednesday, Tuesday’s concert had already been filmed before a shooting at Robbie Elementary School in Walta, Texas, in which an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 children and two adults. . .

Shaken with grief and anger, Kimmel appeared without the studio audience and headed straight for the camera. From the beginning of the segment, she struggled to control herself and cried as she spoke of “boys and girls whose lives were ended and their families destroyed”.

The presenter began by posting an already predictable primer of Republicans and gun advocates trying to depoliticize the shooting. “Our right-wing American leaders in Congress, on Fox News and in other media, are warning us not to politicize this,” Kimmel said, adding, “They don’t want to talk about it because they know what they’re doing. making. .” I did. And they know what they didn’t do and they know he’s vulnerable. So they would only resort to it as a last resort.”

Kimmel went on to say that most Americans support “protecting guns from criminals and children”, citing polls that support “gun laws”. He pointed to the Senate blocking gun control legislation such as the Improved Background Check Act and the bipartisan Background Check Act that both houses passed in 2021.

“Our cowardly leaders just don’t listen to us, they listen to the NRA, they listen to the people writing the checks that keep them in power because that’s how politics works,” Kimmel said.

Last night, the host directly appealed to pro-Texas Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott and Senator John Cornin to discuss gun control laws, citing successful examples abroad such as the UK and Australia, who received more. Dimensions after the mass shooting. “This is the only country where this continues,” said the driver.

“I want to say to Ted Cruz, the man, Governor Abbott and everyone else, it’s good to admit you made a mistake. In fact, it’s not just good, it’s necessary to admit that you made a mistake when your mistake is killing children in your state,” Kimmel said.

He continued, “It takes a great person to do something like this. A brave man needs to do something similar. And do you think these men are brave people? No not me. But man, I’d love to be surprised.”

Kimmel, sounding nonsensical, then said that Americans could no longer ignore the problem. “This is not the time for moments of silence, this is the time for screaming and screaming and not stopping until we fix this,” he said. He said there were 27 school shootings in 2022, when his voice failed: “What’s the point of that for anyone? These are our children! “

If Americans continue to ignore this and blame politicians, an angry Kimmel said it was society’s fault. “It’s not his fault anymore, it’s our fault now. Because we get angry, we demand action, we don’t take it, they wait, we go back to our lives.

He concluded, “If you care, we have to make sure we do everything we can. If they don’t do something drastic, make sure we don’t.” [one of these] Politicians will never hold office again.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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