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The Flash: Tim Burton is disgusted by the film and the studios

The flashnot even saved by Batman

In 1989 the public discovered it for the first time Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne thanks to Batman From Tim Burton. One of the director’s first films and one of the most anchored in popular culture. Furthermore, three years later, the director offered a (perhaps) even better sequel Batman: The Challenge (1992)always worn by Michael Keaton.

The actor has precisely put your costume back onmore than thirty years later, for the purposes of the film The flash. In it, in fact, the hero Barry Allen tries to change the past to save his mother. But his action creates a multiverse and then finds himself stuck in a world where Batman is played not by Ben Affleck, but by Michael Keaton.

Michael Keaton - The Flash ©Warner Bros.
Michael Keaton – The Flash ©Warner Bros.

With The flash, Warner Bros. obviously wanted to exploit the nostalgic fiber to attract audiences. But the result wasn’t really up to par and viewers logically avoided a visually awful film (see our review). When released in theaters, the feature film only collected a little more than $268 million in worldwide box office receipts.

Tim Burton angry after Superman cameo

In addition to using Michael Keaton, there is also in The flash a cameo by Nicolas Cage as Superman which once again was born from an idea that Tim Burton never managed to realize. The director was questioned by BFI in this famous Superman cameo. And the least we can say is that Tim Burton has it in his throat a little.

When you work on a project for so long and it doesn’t get done, it affects you for the rest of your life. Because we are passionate about certain things, and everything is an unknown journey, and we haven’t reached the end yet. But it’s one of those experiences that never leaves you.

The director then goes on to underline the use of part of his work. Tim Burton then said to himself disgusted by studies who can carry out an embezzlement of this kind.

They can take anything you’ve done, Batman or otherwise, and distort it culturally, or whatever you call it. Despite being slaves to Disney or Warner Bros., they can do whatever they want. It is for this reason that in the last years of my life I silently rebelled against all this.

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