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The Creator: the new sci-fi nugget? The first reviews are enthusiastic

The creatorthe new film by Gareth Edwards

Seven years after the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Gareth Edwards will soon reveal his new feature film. The director chose to remain in the science fiction genre The creator. The film is set in a futuristic world where humans and artificial intelligence forces collide. One day, a former special forces agent is entrusted with a mission of capital importance. She is responsible for finding the Creator, a mysterious character who created a weapon that could end the war or destroy humanity…

The creator will arrive in French cinemas next September 27th. Before that, journalists had been able to discover the film on the other side of the Atlantic. And many have praised Gareth Edwards’ new film, for which the latter also wrote the screenplay. According to initial opinions, this new feature film still has something to do a place of choice among the science fiction works of recent years.

A shower of praise for a new science fiction reference?

Some journalists saw it The creator they shared their opinion on their Twitter account. Between them, Steven Weintraub from Collider noted the originality of the film : “he made an original science fiction film, at a time when making original films on this scale is almost impossible. »From him, Courtney Howard I found the feature film from Variety “terribly funny, captivating and profound on every level. » Tessa Smith ScreenRant was also won over. In particular, you revealed that you were “totally fascinated” from history.

Joseph Deckelmeier AND Brandon Davis went even further in their compliments The creator. The first described the film as ” masterpiece. “ He particularly praised its director who, according to him, succeeds “Keep the viewer engaged from start to finish. » As for Davis, totally enchanted, he described the film as “incredibly beautiful. ” In his opinion, The creator it’s simply “the best film of the year and the best sci-fi in a very long time. »

Davis also found that Edwards managed to surprise “in a truly impressive way for a visceral, moving and creative story of humanity. » After this initial feedback, waiting around The creator it won’t stop climbing in the next days. We will therefore have to wait until September 27th before we can express our opinion on the feature film.

Source: Cine Serie

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