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Who killed Jill Dando? Netflix returns to a terrible murder case

Netflix dedicates a series of documentaries to the murder of journalist Jill Dando

Jill Dando she was a British journalist popular in England for her work at the BBC. While presenting the show since 1995 Crimewatch, dedicated to unsolved criminal cases, was murdered on April 26, 1999, at the age of 37. It was on her doorstep that her body was found a ball on the head. His murder was also never solved and he left England in shock.

Jill Dando - Who Killed the BBC Treasure?  ©Netflix
Jill Dando – Who Killed the BBC Treasure? ©Netflix

Netflix decided to return to this story with his documentary series Who killed the BBC treasure?. A program in three episodes that offers archive images and different testimonies. As we discover this news, the mystery surrounding his murder proves to be as strange as it is fascinating. Because, however, it is impossible to know the reasons for this crime the investigators considered all hypotheses.

A suspect from Freddie Mercury’s family?

However, a man was suspected of killing Jill Dando: Barry Bulsara. Episode 3 of the Netflix series then focuses on this moment in which the man was arrested, a year after the events. A woman testifies and introduces herself as her sister. She then shares her astonishment, refusing to believe that her brother could have committed this crime.

Barry George: Who killed the BBC treasure?  ©Netflix
Barry George: Who killed the BBC treasure? ©Netflix

But the name of Barry Bulsara first made the English press waver. More precisely Jeff Edwards, journalist of The mirrorwhich he immediately realized the bond with the famous singer Freddie Mercurywhose real name is none other than Farrokh Bulsara. Given the rarity of the name, the journalist hypothesized that the alleged murderer was related to the singer and perhaps a cousin. But a denial was made by people close to Freddie Mercury as the press began to get carried away, making the issue even more intriguing.

In fact, in reality, the arrested man was called Barry George and had the habit of changing his identity”using aliases of celebrity names” says Hamish Campbell, the detective in charge of the investigation. After verification by the investigators, there is therefore no link between him and Freddie Mercury.

Who killed Jill Dando? The case remains a mystery

The fact remains that numerous elements pointed to Barry George as responsible for the murder of Jill Dando. So he was found guilty. The man, however, has always declared himself innocent. And he finally was acquitted eight years laterin 2008. Today he appears before the Netflix cameras and tells his version of events Who killed the BBC treasure?.

Despite this, investigator Hamish Campbell continues to believe that Barry George is the killer, while others side with the court’s ruling. Noel “Razor” Smith, a former criminal turned journalisthe concluded by evoking rumors that circulate in the criminal world and which do not incriminate Barry George, but a hitman.

Who killed the BBC treasure? is available on Netflix.

Source: Cine Serie

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