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EntertainmentWho is Andy Samberg’s only friend on Facebook and why? ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor Andy Samberg is not active on social media and has only one Facebook friend today at 2:44 p.m.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor Andy Samberg is not active on social media and only has one friend on Facebook

Andy Samberg He only has one friend on Facebook, but not just anyone. In 2014, the actor from Brooklyn Nine-Nine revealed in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon what Mark Zuckerberg is the only person whose friend request was accepted on the social network.

“We were on Facebook, doing an event, and we spent some time in his office [Zuckerberg] — you know, he did SNL [programa humorístico da TV americana]so we’re kind of friends — and the subject came up,” he said. Samberg. “I was like, ‘Oh, I’m actually not on Facebook,’ and he was like, ‘What?’ He was shocked and asked, ‘Why?’, and I said I was in contact with everyone I wanted to be in contact with.”

Andy, however, agreed to join the social network under one condition: the Facebook owner would have to create his profile. Furthermore, it would only add Markso that he could “tell this story on a talk show” in the future. This was done, and, a week later, Samberg needed to contact Zuckerberg to ask for technical support and get rid of website notifications.

“Now it’s just a sleeping Facebook, and it’s just me and Zuck“, joked the actor. He still maintains a similar behavior in relation to other social networks. On Instagram, for example, the only photo that Andy posted is dated 2015.

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Source: Rollingstone

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