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EntertainmentWho won the first season of Round 6: The Challenge, a Netflix reality show? Inspired by Round 6, a successful Korean series on the streaming platform, the program came to an end with a second year guaranteed today at 10:00

Inspired by Round 6, a successful Korean series on the streaming platform, the program has come to an end with a second year guaranteed

The last episode of the first season of Round 6: The Challengereality show inspired by the hit Korean series Round 6, arrived on Netflix last Wednesday (6), revealing the big winner in the dispute for the “biggest prize in the history of reality shows”. But who was the lucky one?

Warning: the following text contains spoilers from the latest episode of Round 6: The Challenge!

Of the 456 initial participants, only three reached the grand final of the program: Sam Lantzthe No. 16 player; Mai Whelan, player No. 287; It is Phil Cain, player nº 451 – who, by the way, is Brazilian. Throughout the season, the three were out of the main storylines of the dispute, avoiding the spotlight, which helped ensure their survival in the games.

To decide who would be the winner, participants had to first test their luck in a new challenge, in which they would need to choose a button to press. However, only two of them would survive the game.

May was the first to try and went through to the grand final without complications, leaving the last place between Sam It is Phil. “Seeing everything I’ve worked for taken away from me by luck is more than I can handle,” declared Samin tears, when testing his luck and being eliminated from Round 6: The Challenge.

With the prize of US$ 4.56 million (R$ 22.30 million at current prices) between May It is Phil, it was time to compete in the last challenge of the program, which was… Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whoever won the round would have the right to open a glass box, which would reveal who the big winner of the dispute was.

While May he paid attention to his competitor’s moves, trying to predict what his movements would be in order to beat him, Phil admitted that he was choosing at random, hoping to guarantee a lucky win. Possibly, May managed to find the right key to the glass box and won the million dollar prize.

About Round 6: The Challenge

Just like in the series, Round 6: The Challenge brings players from different parts of the world to participate in competitions inspired by children’s games. The idea is to try to win the challenge and win the US$4.56 million prize.

The program premiered on November 22 and, in addition to being among the most watched programs on Netflix, it has also been the target of complaints from former participants. Days after the release of Round 6: The ChallengeO deadline revealed that some former reality show contestants are considering suing Netflix over hypothermia and nerve damage during filming.

The allegations match what was described by four players in February that the program was the “cruelest and meanest” experience they had ever experienced. “We were treated like horses in a race, in the coldest way, and the race was constant”declared to Rolling Stone USA.

Despite criticism and problems behind the scenes, Round 6: The Challenge has already secured a second season, announced by Netflix this Wednesday. “The little doll wants to play a little more. The reality show Round 6: The Challenge is renewed for season 2″, revealed the platform on social media. Watch the trailer:

Round 6: The Challenge it received?

Source: Rollingstone

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